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Handyman Comes with a Wonderful Woman

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My Christmas dream --

I was in the living room of the old family duplex where I lived for 10 years looking out the south side window -- 15th avenue. Saw my handyman walking down the sidewalk toward the back gate to do some house repairs. He has a woman with him that actually used to live in the upper half of this old duplex. Her name was Connie and she was just a wonderful Christian lady. I see her then in the back yard. First thing I tell him is that she is a really wonderful woman. He doesn't respond to this nor does he respond at all to anything I say in the dream but is oblivious. Seems like I am not quite ready for the handyman to come and do the work I need, but immediately we head off to do the work and I cannot keep up to following him. We do not go in the house but instead end up in a different neighborhood. As we round the corner, I am trying to speak to him about the issues at my house, talking about trees (korky I know). I say that these trees were planted inside this house and they have gotten so big. I have a visual of a tree leaning and cuts like those for wood logs in a fire have been made in this tree trunk, I saw an unfinished job, to I guess take care of the issue. I tell him how odd it is that someone would plant them like this. The neighborhood looks to me like the block where old family friends live -- norm and Loretta Johnson. I've lost track of the handyman but then see him in between houses somewhere other than where I'm guessing Norm and Loretta live, across the street from. I have an awareness that he is looking for my brother and I hear him say his name -- Gary -- as he heads to the backyard of the houses. dream ends

Any thoughts much appreciated!

IRL I need to schedule soon for my real life handyman to come and finish some home projects, the tail end of a long list of repairs. As has always been the case, seems the visit is about so much more than the repairs. He seems on a quest that may be similar to where my brother in real life has come to -- full repentance, total surrender to God. I have been needy customer but also spiritual doctor to this house helper, inspiring him in the God direction.

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Hi! God bless you. . .

Gary could be an angel, I just get that sense, as you felt he was on a quest. I heard about an angel called "Change" that appeared as a handyman, could be that angel!

I just got that as I began to write this reply.

Also the trees are signifigant, if they are in your house and growing that may be your family. I don't know anything about you so let the Lord interpret to you! Perhaps you have projects or family members who are needing to go out into the public realm, and it's time to step out by faith!

Thank you for having the guts to post your dream out there like that, I pray your walk with the Lord strengthens!


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Hi Michael --

Yeah, I have been wondering about this dream. Indeed this is a time of stepping out (greater) in my calling. I've definitely been on the sidelines, even dream interp I have almost been at a standstill, waiting for God's timing and directions.

My brother Gary recently came to the gospel due to tumultuous circumstances in his life. My brother has had a very dramatic salvation and what I would call a complete and quick deliverance -- remarkable to watch as he has come to the end of himself. I do believe this handyman is in for a change. Whether he will encounter an angel or not, I am not sure, but the thought has crossed my mind. We all need that boost, whether it be a revelation or angelic encounter to help us take big spiritual steps.

My thoughts on him seeking for my brother was that he is following along a similar path spiritually.

I too believe the trees are important. Wondered what the cuts were being made in these trees.

My thanks returns to you for having the courage to post your thoughts on this dream.

I'd be interested to hear your story about the angel called Change that appeared as a handyman. Maybe something in it will apply.

God bless you abundantly Michael!

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