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William Shatner offered me a job

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I couldn't help, but to chuckle because I kept picturing the little guy from TV, but it was such an experience of a dream this past Monday morning. Here goes..

I applied for a job as a store detective at a chain store. Willian Shatner was in charge of a bunch of stores and came to the store where I worked.
He saw that I was new and wanted to meet me. He liked getting to know his employees personally. He was with the guy who trained me on my first store detective job. He was sitting next to William Shatner quietly as he asked me questions.
When I told William shatner that I used to be a security guard manager he was so excited he offered me the job right away. I asked him if he was sure because it was a very long time ago. He was seemed glad to able to get rid of the current manager because he was a tyrant and treated his employees poorly. He said that I would have to go through a trial period and if I did well I would be hired permanently. I was so happy because I was going to lose weight from all the walking and running I would be doing.
Then, I saw myself walking with the lady that serves food to the pastors and leaders on Sundays. She was smiling  & laughing as she proudly wore her unform. I was wearing plain undercover clothes and I liked it because it didn't draw attention to me. When we got to the foot of a hill she stopped and turned back because I had to climb the hill by myself as part of my trial period while William Shatner and the guy who trained me watched to see how I did.
When I went home to tell my husband to tell my husband about the job offer my pastors brother who lives in my basement said, "Ok well can you do me a favor and clean this corner?" There was rotting food and dirty clothes in the corner. I got the feeling it was not my mess but his. My husband was helping me clean it. I remember saying, "What! I just cleaned this." Never the less, I cleaned that and the mess in the garage.
Then I was in a restaurant with my brother. He was high on drugs. My husband was there before me or I was late, but and it made him uncomfortable so he left. I did not know this until after I waited at the table and after arguing with my brother for giving drugs to the waitress and making her a drug addict. I had a sick feeling my husband was cheating on me so I left to find him. I saw he had taken the car and left me there. I realized I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy when I saw my husband leaving a mall with another woman. I begged him for a ride so I sat in the backwhile his girlfriend was up front, but she didn't know I was his wife and he pretended not to know me. I had to pretend I was just a friend. Then I woke up.

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