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The Two Neighbours

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IRL I moved house about 3 weeks ago..

So I was back at my old street, standing in front of my neighbour's house with my family. The neighbours were moving house and all their furniture was in their front yard. They were giving away a set of red couches which I thought were better than mine, but my parents didn't want to take them so we left them. Then a man joins us, me and him seem to be together. He asks me about the other neighbour on the left (#2). My family knows they're a little strange, and so I say some stupid comment like, "you have so much to learn." My family sort of laughs, but I feel bad for my boyfriend. So I say that I'll tell him about it later.

Instead my boyfriend ends up sneaking into that neighbour's house. He walks into the backyard and is almost seen by the neighbour. He walks inside the house and sees a fridge, he opens the fridge and inside are 2 other fridges. Then he leaves through the front door. I see him and run towards him. Then I'm back in front of the neighbours #1 house and I'm looking through their stuff with everyone else. I find a folder with a list of name meanings, and I look for my name.

Then I'm back in my house and it was really messy, as if we were also moving house. All in all, all 3 families were moving house.

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