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Messy Apartment

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Messy Apartment.

Last night I had a really weird dream that I was renting a basement apartment from my landlords. (In real life I actually am renting a basement apartment, my landlord was in the dream, and so was his wife, however, his wife looked completly different)

Anyways, in the dream my apartment was a complete and utter pigstye, and my landlords were angry with me. They were particularily angry with me, because at one point I had somehow overused pancake powder mix which somehow got into the ventilation system, and killed my landlord's daughter's pet snake. (She doesn't have a snake) Anyways, they were sending people in, and found feces underneath the carpet near the stove, which I was shocked because I didn't know it was there. At one point in the dream I was for whatever reason worshipping God, but I was doing it outside the door to my landlord's home. Their door was ajar, and I could see it was dark. I also leaned in to turn off the music at one point because I realised I was somehow playing the music on their radio (more like this switch thing inside their apartment). So I leaned in, and turned it off, and shortly noticed my landlord on his couch asleep. I was then thinking, "Oh, good thing I didn't wake him", but continued to hear footsteps upstairs, indicating to me his wife heard me using her radio, and I was like, "uh oh."

Then these people come in (never seen them before). They start examining/making small repairs to the apartment. These two other girls come in too saying they really liked the song I was singing and wanted to know the lyrics to it, but I felt very embarrissed because they were walking around my messy apartment.

Shortly later on in the dream, I discovered this entirely different section of the apartment which does not exist in real life, in the dream it was hardly used because it was forgotton, but it was still slightly messy with popcorn kernels on the floor, however, some worker that was in my apartment, took notice of a burned patch of ceiling above the bed in the bedroom, and they were saying, "Ooooohhhh, your landlord is NOT going to like this", but I replied, "Ok, that? I had nothing to do with!"

The last part of the dream I was in my landlord's wife's car. And we were driving to the other side of the apartment, (because apparently in the car, the other half of the apartment was far enough it could be accessed by vehicle). She started driving like a maniac, I heard police sirens, and she started speeding up, passing other cars, running red lights, and jumping medians. At the last part of the dream before I woke up, she asked me something about 290, and I was thinking a highway marker with the number 290, so I was looking out the window, then she asked me to look into her eyes, so I did. Her eyes were brown (if that is of some significance) and she said to me something, I forget sadly what it is, but I replied with something like, "I am soo sorry about the apartment" which I had been saying numerous times throughout the dream. She also said something about "Remember NOT to open your apartment door tomorrow!" This is because some sort of cardboard thing was to be placed over the door as the workers were fixing my apartment, and she didn't want me knocking it down.

I don't normally have dreams that are this "long". Most of my dreams are very random, usually fly all over the place with different scenes, and at times I don't know if they are part of the same dream at all. This was still rather random, but it was more random with consistancy, if that makes any sense.

When I woke up, I was thinking about the dream, and wondering what it could mean. I know that a house can be commonly interpreted as a temple, in which it could represent the dreamer's personal body, or life, so I began to work from there.

I thought up three different interpretations:
1) The dream could be about a major illness in my life? Or disease? Right now I'm healthy, but if this dream were to represent physical heath, than that would mean that serious health problems are coming my way.

2) Spiritual messes in my life? If I examine myself and try to find any particular sins I struggle with, the only sins I can find are those which I do struggle with, but acknowledge as sins, repent of, and turn to Christ. Any particular unrepented or unacknowledged sins I can't actually think of, (except for perhaps patience with my brother? That's one thing I'm struggling with, and have difficulty with a lot)

3) A more literal dream regarding my apartment. My landlord (in real life) told me my rent was going to have to be increased in Jan. 2013, and I do tend to live a bit messy although the dreamt apartment was much worse.

4) Perhaps something else spiritual: I stumbled across a rather pecuiliar Christian website last night. I rejected it at being true, or to be taken seriously, because the people running the website were teaching various things about demons which I disagree with. He was teaching things like: We shouldn't have candles in our homes, toy dolls/stuffed animals, etc... because these things attract spirits. He also mentioned about eating foods forbiddon in Leviticus, and that we should avoid them. If that wasn't enough, he also taught that every single Christian has demons in them, no exceptions, and that he believes that it is not possible to get rid of every demon. Yeah, I rejected the website, but I found it interesting that I had the dream the night after I found the website.

Anyways, what are your thoughts? Hope you all have a Happy 2013! God Bless :)

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These are just my thoughts. It seems like maybe you have allowed certain things or ideas into your life or spirit, and you were not aware of it. The good news is that your life/spirit is in the process of being cleaned (apartment being repaired). You just have to be cautious about opening your "door" to these things. I am praying that God will give you the gift of discernment. Again, these are just my thoughts.

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