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The Creepy Crazy Maze

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Greetings, I have a sense of the message in this dream but would still welcome additional Holyspirt insight, it's lengthy.

I am at a resort (I believe on the island of Aruba, but not sure), I am with R&B singer Brian Mcknight and his wife. Im in my hotel room, I look out the window and decide to call the airlines and ask them to change my 3:00 flight departure to a different day, since the wheather had been bad the time I was there and on that day I was scheduled to leave it was sunny.
Next scene: Me, Brian Mcknight and his wife are outside, we are standing on a line with others. Some men are bothering people on the line, trying to take thier wallets, etc. I ask Brian to hold my wallet, but he doesn't have any pockets. I tell the men my wallet is photo album, I like to carry with me, they don't bother me or take my wallet. I get off that line because I don't like whats going on and at get on another line with mostly women.
Next scene: me and the women are at this house, we go inside and there are a lot of weird creepy things in the house. We are told to take our shoes off and not to talk to each other. We enter through this door in the house that takes us to this crazy maze. In order to get out of the house, we had to try to figure our way out of the maze and we had to do it without getting harmed as there were lions, monkeys and sick people. As I am walking through the maze, Im a little scared because of the weird creepy things I see. I keep walking through the maze and I am thanking and praising God and quoting scriptures to myself. The animals are not bothering me, they are walking right pass me. A sick man lying in a bed with other sick people says "Hi to me I say "Hi" back. I hear him say "when I get well & get out of here, Im going to get me a woman like that, she is fine." I look at my watch and realize I have been walking through that maze for several hours and its getting close to my 3:00 flight time. I say to myself " I got to get out of here, so I can call the airline & change my flight information." I see other women also trying to get out of the maze and say to myself "this is crazy! what am I doing in here, Im not going through this maze anymore, Im getting out of here now!" a few of the women hear me and say "we are with her we are getting out of here now too." We find a path within the maze to go through. I run back to get my sneakers, put them on and walk out of the house. It's still sunny outside. There are lions, sealions and monkeys walking in the street and there is mounds and mounds of poop, so much that it was hard not to step in any. The lions and sealions are walking pass me. I am still singing and praising God. I see these two women they are staying at the same resort as me and they are trying to get back as well. I look at my watch, it's about 4:30 and I say "oh man I got to get to the resort, hopefully after I tell them my experience they will still change my flight info for free." while we are walking down the street, I look up and see this wide open space between the buildings and realize we are close to the resort, we are happy and singing, I wake up.

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