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tsunami island

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I had just gotten to an island called Belize, I was on a path with my brother, standing by a hut, I was handed a side of beef. The side was unwrapped and as they reached to get my brother a side of beef, I saw the waves in the ocean start to rise,
We were quickly under water along with many islanders, No one was struggling we were all OK. Then a saw a huge wave develop. I was stunned and said something like (OMG). Then the wave hit and we were all completely in the water. The water receded quickly, and all was good.

Belize is a country in Central America, it means Muddy water.
My brother and I just split half a cow, It was paid for with extra money we had in the company, (not out of pocket) per say
I often dream of islands, but haven't understood there meanings

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