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Parking my car and a hotel

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Scene 1
In the dream, I was driving and saw an old friend of mine, who I went to elementary and college with, and hadnt seen him in years, and so I parked, and was excited to see him, on the side of the street. The car was parked on a road.

Scene 2
The setting changes to a hotel, and I am walking with him past a pharmacy. I leave him and go somewhere (unsure where).
I went in and somehow came out, it was a huge hotel, so I came out a diff entrance.
Later I asked for direction (from the attendants) to pharmacy area, so I can go back to my car, but all I said was "where is the pharmacy", so they directed me to the closest one, which was closer to where I was now at, but was in a diff tower
I walked into the lobby, bought a fruity drink from a starbucks like place , and then my feet felt sore, so I decided I would take off my shoes.

Scene 3
I walk further into the hotel, its now a gathering with some folks, including my bro and a male cousin. My brother had asked me for a family historical fact, and mentions it to my cousin, who says he knows that already.

Scene 4
Later on way out, I had oranges slices in my hand, which I was eating, saw an auntie and a female cousin, I greeted them, and even offered them oranges. A friend was by lobby door, and my white sneakers, reebok, had been arranged next to others, I asked for it, and then put it on.

Please any interpretation would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.

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My emotion in the dream was happy.
I love fruity drinks and oranges.

I think the dream may be that of transition.
I was driving my car and parked it, symbolizing taking a break, and then going through a hotel, another place of transition and rest. A social event?

Unsure about the whole dream now, I'll pray about it. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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