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Recurring dream about a car but with a new ending

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About 3 years ago I started having a dream once every few months that I was in a car and that car would eventually drive over a cliff, mountain, etc. and there was always a body of water below the point where I drove the car off of and I would look around in my dream to see if there was land that I could get to but there never was and I would always resound myself to the fact that I was about to drown in my car and would wake up when I was almost dead. This changed last night...the scenario was the same except this time the car flew towards a mountain peak and I dropped out of the car to land feet first on the mountain peak and I watched as the car plummeted into the water but for the first time I was not in it...I read that a car could mean new direction, I was told also a new ministry...any thoughts? I really feel as though I am coming into my gifts as a believer and this has something to do with it.

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