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Snake in the box

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Now this dream was just plain weird. I dreamed recently that I went in my daughter's closet and found a shoebox on the floor. I took the top off and there were 3-4 snake large eggs. I was startled as one of the eggs began to hatch and numerous small baby snakes began to come out of the egg. I screamed and ran out of the room and shut the door so that the snakes could not get out. But at least 2 slithered under the door. I was scrambling to get away and get my kids away so that they would not be bitten. Then a small cute puppy walked up to a pile of goop lying on the floor that apparently came out of the snake egg or was what became of one of the baby snakes. He picked up the rubbery goop in his mouth and began to shake it around like a dog would a bone. I thought to myself that if this cute puppy did not get poisoned by this then it can't hurt us. The other escaped snake seemed to turn into a harmless worm. End of dream.

What is weird is that I had completely forgotten that prior to this dream I read a story in the news about a toddler boy who found some eggs outdoors and brought thm home and placed them in a shoebox in his closet. His mother found the shoebox and the eggs had hatched with live baby snakes coming out. After this dream I read about this story again and remembered....Is this just a soulish dream or something? No meaning really?... scratching chin

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