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The River is Drying Up

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Can anyone give me any insight as to what this might mean?

As I slept, and this scene came to me, I said to myself, "Oh, is this what a clear vision looks like? Cool."

I, my body, is flying over different land areas. It goes from slight green plant life to dead plant life to no plant life.

I'm in the desert. I've just been delivered there (in a vision or something. my body flew there.). Anyway I notice a river bed that is dry except for a slight pool of water. I go to the muddy end of the area and begin to dig to unstop the spring/well that feeds a river in the desert. I begin to dig using my right hand. There is a bowl or pot nearby, but I can't use it for whatever reason. I dig and scrape until my arm is down pretty far. I begin to feel much wetness. I ask some ladies to use my filters to filter the water so the children can begin to drink. They say "the water will be clear soon". So I keep digging and the water turns clear. The children all are able to get at least a cup of water I believe before the spring begins to get stopped up again. I begin again to clear the spring and there is a lot of clay. I scrape out big chunks and blocks of clay. Finally I get to the bottom of the spring (it's a narrow hole actually and I can't see down in there. I'm working by "feel".) I feel that all of the clay and dirt is out of the way, but now there is some noodly stuff at the bottom. I scrape up a piece and drag it to the top and drop it on the ground beside the spring. The people say, "she got a white snake" and begin to laugh. I go slightly spastic, “ewww, yuck, yuck, ewww, etc.”, while doing the yucky, eww, eww dance. The end.
The snake was like the size of a BIG long earthworm, but definitely snake shaped. It was maybe 10 or 12 inches long.

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Hello, LadyonFire -

These are just my thoughts on your dream. To me, it seems to be about what God is going to use you to accomplish for his Kingdom. The dream seems to illustrate the struggles - and need for persistence - that you'll have in bringing the Source of life to those in a place without life.

Having to use your own hand and not the tools around you reinforces that it is the Holy Spirit working through you - without the "add-ons" often brought by man. No one but God will be able to take the credit of what is being accomplished through you.

The dream also shows that there's continual work to be done. You didn't just strike water and then were finished. No, you had to continue to work at it, and it would be expected that the enemy would come in to stop up this work.

The part where you dug deep enough and eventually found the snake-shaped thing...to me, is reaching the root behind why water wasn't freely flowing to these people. Possibly something in the spirit that would have to be removed.

So, is there application in your life for this right now? Do you feel that there is something specific that God is calling you to do to advance the Kingdom?

I don't know if this is about physical, face-to-face laboring or if it is about intercession - that's something that you'd probably recognize.

Again, after all that, I want to reiterate that these are my thoughts. If you find that they do not fit what you feel God is speaking to you, then please toss them.


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[quote="TheWhiteShadow"]Hello, LadyonFire -

"it seems to be about what God is going to use you to accomplish for his Kingdom."
That part, for me, is the hardest part to receive of all that you said.

Dearest Mr Mark, I want you to know that God just used you in a major way to show me a COLOSSAL fear of mine; a fear that I must overcome: That is the fear of being lifted up in pride if He, Almighty God, uses me in a great way.
So, I thank you and am now off to pray and confess my fear and totally kick that out of my life so that I can get on with the work of my Daddy's Kingdom.

So many blessings of Grace and Peace to you my Brother in Christ.
Everything you said was good.

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