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Mall Danger

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I was shopping in a store that was connected to a mall, like JCP or something. I was with my sister and niece. I don't think we were looking for anything in particular, because the details of our shopping don't stand out. While browsing, there was a couple that approached us in need of some help - a man and woman in their 40's. They had a few things in their cart and wanted to know where the jeans were. So, we helped them by taking them over to that area. I believe that they placed five pairs of jeans in their cart and headed with us up to a service booth thing that had a single cashier to check them out.

However, once we got up near the store exit, I understood that they were going to steal this merchandise. This was just something that I knew about the situation, and it seemed that no one else really caught on to it. So, I stood between their cart and the exit, and I told the couple that they really should put the jeans back. They didn't respond. I said it a few more times, each a bit stronger than the last. They weren't changing their plan, and still no one with me really knew what was about to happen. The couple did, however, take their cart over to a nearby fitting room. They took all their merchandise in with them. I knew that they were going to conceal all this stuff, but that was less important than another thing I realized: They were going to leave violently if anyone stopped them. I felt that they were capable of causing great harm. I didn't know for sure, but I felt that they could have firearms on them and would come out of the fitting rooms and begin shooting.

I looked over and saw an armed security guard prepared to deal with the couple. Since he was taking over the situation, I grabbed my niece and ran for cover. My sister seemed a bit oblivious to the situation, and I yelled and yelled for her to come over with us and hide behind some furniture out of sight. She did, grudgingly, and the couple came out as soon as she was crouching with us. There was instant chaos, and we couldn't see much of what was going on. I found, though, that the fitting room deal was just stalling for time, because as soon as they came out a large white SUV/Truck came crashing through the entrance to meet them. The couple got inside, and the truck drove further into the mall, going on some rampage.

I came out from behind our covering and checked on the security guard who was lying on the ground. I asked if he was alright, and he said yes, but that he had lost an arm. I was shocked at what he said, but when I looked at his arm I found that he hadn't actually lost it...it was bandaged up and bleeding a bit, and I understood that he was referring to how it was already wounded from something unrelated to this event.

We went back further through the store and into the mall, and I informed authorities that the couple had taken off into the mall in this white vehicle - I compared it to a Progressive Insurance vehicle in the dream. After passing that information on, I felt that we needed to leave right away. We headed back to toward the store's exit, and my niece didn't seem to understand why we were leaving. I said something like, "We're leaving because we love you and we're trying to keep you safe."

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