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Dream about the past

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Scene 1

Was in bed in my parents' rm in my childhood house.
My ex (from 7 yrs ago), his now wife and his bro were next to me on the bed. All sleeping on same bed.
The bro tells me to look at the ex's back and I look up and see a tv screen and he had huge rashes/ boils on it. I said "ewwww, wow, looks nasty, sorry about that."
Then ex now wife starts screaming and kicking me. I get up from bed and I am livid, telling them to warn her or I'll call the cops, and she'd get arrested for trespassing.
I picked up one of the phones, went to the bathroom and started washing my face. Ex's bro comes in and is trying to calm me down. I saw bathroom window was open and it seemed dangerous, cause one could walk into the clouds lol, so I closed it.

Scene 2
I was now in basement of what was I guess my house, though never lived there. It was a white basement. Several friends there like a party setting, I picked up phone, said I was going to make a call to another friend, as I walk back to another basement rm, I see him on the phone. I go to another rm, make a call

Scene 3
My husband was talking about applying for another state Id/license, I tell him to apply to my home state's
own using my parents address. Initially he had applied for my home state license using an out of state address.

Scene 3, it appears we will be moving out of state in a few mths, so maybe that has something to do with that. I cant figure out what other scenes are about.
Scene 1 may have to do with the past and present.

Any ideas will be helpful. God bless you all

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