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Feeling of being watched

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I had a dream that I was outside of a condo that my husband and I lived in (nowhere I recognize) and there was a woman yelling into some bushes for someone to come out. (I felt like it was a peeping Tom). I went inside the house and I was trying to close the vertical blinds but they were broken. It was like someone broke them at the top so they didn't cover the window anymore. I was trying to figure out if someone removed them. I went to another window in the kitchen and they were also broken. My entire condo had nothing covering the windows. I was afraid I was being watched and I was alone.

My husband came home and heard a noise inside the house. He told me to hide and he pulled out a gun. I hid back under a table behind a wall. I was scared. I peeked out and saw him aiming behind some furniture and heard a gunshot. I thought he killed whatever was there but he just scared it out from behind the furniture. It was a coyote and he wrestled it and held its feet so it couldn't run after me. It snarled at him but he was avoiding getting bitten...then I woke up.

I'm not sure what to make of this dream except for feeling a lack of privacy and being afraid but I can't specifically think of what would make me feel this way.

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