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Dream with a dove and being warned by a police officer

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In my dream, I'm in my garage and out friend whose a mechanic is fixing
Our Pastor's old van. I go inside to get my earbuds, when I come back out I almost trip on something.
What I almost tripped on was a snake, it evaporated into the ground.
My pastor's wife says to my Mom "Let's do lunch after this" my mom just nods her head.
The dream fast forwards, It's the next day and I'm walking in front of my house.
A police officer drives up( IRL: we have three officers in my neighborhood)
He officer says "Be careful around your Pastor's wife" he drives off.
I'm in someone's living room, I think it's familiar. I hear hear my former Pastor's wife "I'm sorry for the way I acted" she walks out with my Mom, who accepts her apology. I see a dove fly on the pastor's wife shoulder.
Their conversation goes well, her son(Pastor's wife) walks in, my mom askew him if sue can pray for him.
He says OK. I see this dark spirit leave, I see this bottle of oil levitating in the air; the bottle pours oil onto his head.

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Before the Throne of God Above - Sojourn (Lyrics on screen) Please look this up on youtube if you can and see if it speaks to you.
Haven't a clue as to how this song relates, but it is what came to my mind as I sat and listened for God to tell me something.
Sorry I couldn't just post a link, but I have to be a member for 7 days before I can post external links and I think I have one more day to go.
Grace and Peace to ya.

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