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The island of Kawai

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I have spent lots of time discerning my dreams.

While I believe I understand a lot of this dream, I have been searching all morning for understanding.

I have....... a whole lot to say about my dreams. But I am hoping for now that just the posting of last night's dream will suffice.


I am swimming really deep in the ocean. I am swimming through caverns and caves. I am looking for what needs to be fixed. I finally find the place. It's a small cavern with computers and wires and they're all corroded. I work on them to fix them. I complete the job. I look at it again and see the corrosion and worry that the work might not be enough. But I have the feeling that the job is done.

As soon as I have the feeling the job is done, a strong jet stream sends me upward at an angle through the deep ocean water. I can breathe, but I am definitely deep in the water moving up very quickly. I am riding the jet stream like it is a slide. I feel exhilarated.

I had something in each hand. In my left hand I had a book. In my right hand I had a phone. I dropped in the book in the water. Then I became very afraid that I had dropped the phone. But I looked in my right hand and I still had the phone and I was very relieved. I had the strange idea that the phone belonged to my step brother who we call "little Chris".

Then the jet stream underwater turned into a jet stream of lava. The ocean turn red and orange and yellow and the jet stream was a fast moving stream of lava and I was still riding on it. I was not afraid and it was not burning me or hot. That's just what it turned into and it surprised me a little.

Then the scene changed for a moment to the front yard of my dad's house in Tennessee. The house wasn't present - just the front yard and a small green ford escort. My step dad (to whom we refer as "Big Chris") was inspecting the car. I had been working on the car very hard apparently and he was judging the work. My wife was there. Big Chris asked if I had scrubbed the seats. The seats still looked wet from the work. I said, "Yes, I did, I scrubbed it all." My wife said, "No you DIDN'T!" I was so hurt and angry that she had lied. So I walked up to her and said, "If you say that again I will take your head off." I felt Big Chris behind me not consenting to my attitude, but also giving me the feeling that it was okay; to relax. Then Big Chris said, "You did a lot of work on this car, didn't you?" And I said, "Yes. I spent 200 hours working on it." Then my wife's face changed to a different girl's face and THAT girl said, "Yes you did."

Then the scene of me riding the jet stream came back for a split second, but only to switch back to an great overhead scene of a large, beautiful island in the ocean. The island was lush and colorful with a large, dark green forest, beautiful blue water, and a neat shore. There was a large white dot in the center of the island, like a city marker on a map, and next to the white dot was the word "Kawai". Yes, with a "w"; not a "u". Only one "i"; not two.

Then the scene switched to me again riding up the jet stream for a split second and then I came up through a man-hole in the middle of a road in the middle of a large city. There were tall buildings. I didn't see many people that I can recall. But I did see a clean-cut asian man on a bicycle just riding past me as I was looking out from that hole.

Then the dream switched scenes for a final time. I was in no specific location at all, but I was somewhere. I felt fine except for one thing -- I had blood vessels attached to the roof of my mouth and they were loose. I pulled them out and they were white, without blood. They were annoying, and a little unnerving. I thought to myself, "Should I just cut them off?" But I wasn't sure whether I should or not. I was afraid if I did cut them, though there was no blood in them and they were white, that I might bleed from the cut.

And that was the final scene before I woke up.

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Hi Tarzanbeta,

Firstly, I'm not an interpreter, just a fellow dreamer, and this is just my thoughts, :o)

I got the impression that your work is fulfilling for you, that you are proud of what you do, and that you work hard... do you worry that you may not have done enough (like the corrosion) IRL?? I see that you accepted that the job was done in the dream, do you do that IRL?

Your wife did not see the extent of your work on the car - and there was conflict there... are there times you feel (she, or others) don't see what you do, or don't appreciate your efforts?

Mia has a worksheet that helps... she says to take out the symbols and just write down how you felt at each point in the dream... doing that might help for you in this dream because it changes scenes so much.

Please throw out whatever doesn't fit, and pray about it ok :o)

Blessings, Diane

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Hello Diane.

I have fully immersed myself into the worksheet and the symbols. I do believe that those are good guides; and as Mia says, not necessarily designed to apply, definition for definition, in every situation.

That being said, I have and do pray regarding my dreams and many things.

There are two reasons for posting my dream here to be interpreted:

1) My bias has been clouding my judgment lately. Struggles have made it a little harder to see clearly, which used to be easier.

2) I am being required to start connecting with people. I do not trust people; and more often than not, I have a much harder time trusting those who -claim- to be Christian. (Christianity in this world has become divided and legalistic; it has become a "genre"; it has become a niche-market; it has become a status symbol; it has become a misguided martyr's soapbox; it has become a tool for manipulation and judgment; etc.) But I am most certainly not the only truly honest believer in the Lord Jesus Christ so I need to, if I am an eye or an ear, find my place accordingly in the Body.

What you have perceived so far about my dream is true.

In real life I will realize that a job is done and leave it be, but I won't feel comfortable thinking that it is actually done. I always believe that a job can be more perfect.

Allow me to guide you through the dream so that you are able to see what I see; and then maybe you will have a better insight into the areas which seem to be clouded by my bias.

The ocean is most definitely representative of me being extremely alone. I am not worried that I am alone, or that I have a lot of work to do, or that I understand that I do not have much help. But the facts are the facts - I AM alone, swimming through the ocean, sometimes feeling despair, seeking my purpose.

I finally found my purpose. I was to start networking again. The computers and wires are corroded because it was an area that I had left for a long while. I repaired the connections and reacquainted myself with the computer/internet world, which is what networking involves today. But the corrosion is still there because I do not consider myself as agile or knowledgeable as I once was - many new things have come to be and I have had to find a way to use what I do know to make things work. Catching up I just would not be able to do without more time and focus. I finally got myself reconnected, but I still feel like there is so much more that I can do. However, I can really do no more for now.

Once I became reconnected, a lot of interesting things started happening. The Spirit started guiding me up and down through many different directions and ideas. I started learning all kinds of crazy things. I started meeting all kinds of crazy people. I started being able to reevaluate everything that I thought I knew and also to reevaluate what my current mission must be.

I was holding onto the Bible and onto prayer. I have read the Bible many times; I have been fully immersed into it for so long. But the Spirit reveals to us so much more. On the ride, I ended up dropping the book. Not that I consider the Bible unimportant, not at all, not by any means - and I was afraid when I dropped the Bible because I feared that I would be losing my connection to the Lord. But my thorough knowledge of the Bible had made me a little too legalistic. I had to be reminded on my journey that every situation is different and that there is not a blanket answer for everything. Hence holding onto prayer. The reason why I had the feeling that the phone belonged to my step brother "little Chris" in my dream is because that phone is prayer and prayer is received by Jesus Christ.

The ocean became really powerful. The jet stream turned into lava. These are character building trials and Spirit gifting talents being honed. My skills are being developed. Now that I am holding onto prayer and not just the answers of the Bible, now I can grow and become empowered by Christ even further. And YES.............. there have been MANY trials, many opportunities for growth and the honing of skills, and many character improvements in a very short period of time.

The yard at my dad's house in Tennessee: This is where my work began. Though my dad would not be the symbol used for God, my authority. It would be my step-dad, "Big Chris" as we call him - and rightfully so in the dream, because "Big Chris" is referring to God. So God is judging my work. The green ford escort is a symbol of the work I have invested in that is supposed to help get me and my family better founded that we might have a financial future. The work is not designed to make us rich, but to make us comfortable and to get us around easily and economically, which makes sense that the ford escort would be chosen.

The work I have done......... I wonder if I haven't spent much more than 200 hundred hours on the work. But I found somewhere that the number 200 can mean insufficient. This fits because I always think my work is insufficient - and yet at the same time, I felt like that people should understand just how much work I have put into everything.

And my wife... has definitely been very harsh to deal with regarding my work. While she is very loving and caring, there are certainly some things she just does not yet understand. And she definitely is not very nice when it comes to discussing some of the work that I do. And yes, it does make me very hurt and angry.

God is definitely not happy with how EITHER OF US have reacted towards each other - but He certainly understands both of our hearts and we both have honest and excellent intentions.

God is certainly telling me that He understands the amount of work I've put in.

It's interesting because I am just not seeing the results... I keep asking God, "Please, I've performed the work. Please show me a sign of increase." And then I wonder if my work has even been worth it at all.. have I been lying to myself? Was it all for nothing? I thought I did everything that I was told! Why does it appear that I keep failing?!

My wife has recently changed her mind about what I am doing. This is the face change that the girl has in the dream. She is now starting to understand the amount of effort. But that is only when she is happy. When she is unhappy, she is a lot more judgmental. This I should expect, and I shouldn't really complain haha. I am quite judgmental of myself, which only compounds the problem.

Now as I am riding this jet stream, I am simply being guided. I certainly have no idea where I am going. I am basically along for the ride.

Now this is where I begin to be completely lost.

The following parts of the dream make little to no sense to me. The following parts are clearly the future... but in what manner, in what capacity, to what end... this I still do not get.

But here we go.

The overhead view of the island is interesting. It didn't last long. It was just like looking at a really nice real live overhead view of an island, except there was a city marker; a white dot, and the name "Kawai" next to it. According to my research, Kawai means "the water" (Ka = the Wai = water) in Hawaiin. It is not a Japanese term and it is not the island "Kaua'i" though it did somewhat resemble it. But the island I saw did not have a mountain. It had a dense, green forest. It had some grass and plains. It was in beautiful blue water. The shore was like a silver-lining. It was very clean.

Then the jet stream ended as if it sent me up through a man-hole in the middle of a big city. The city did not have people that I can recall or that I could see. The buildings were tall. The roads were clean. Then from my right side a clean-cut asian man wearing casual clothes rode past me on a bicycle. I could refer to him as coming from my "east" side perhaps.

Then, all of a sudden, I was nowhere. Not nowhere nowhere, because I was warm. But I was in no specific location.

There were strings, like blood-vessels, inside my mouth and attached to the roof of my mouth, on the hard palate. I felt them loose, so I pulled them out. They were long, interconnected and interconnected, but not necessarily tangled. They were soft, limp, and white. It didn't make sense to me. The reaction was like, "What is this??" I thought, well these are useless. Should I just cut them off? But then if I cut them off, what if I bleed? But I don't think I'd bleed because there is no blood in them anyway?

Then I woke up.

I was going to post the second part of the dream and my thoughts, but even now as I try to see what it means....... my bias is interfering. I am not comfortable making a case on the second part of the dream. I should have better faith to understand that He gifted me; but it is as if this part is blocked from me. But that doesn't make sense because the vision was given to me. Now why would a vision be given to me that I cannot access?

The only reasonable explanation is that the vision is not for me to discern.

Therefore, now you know why I am here.

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I felt such a deep compassion for you as I read your reply... we perfectionists hurt ourselves so much and even though others may say we are amazing, we never ever quite see it that way! You obviously work hard and are trying to do what you believe God is asking of you.

You said: "I felt Big Chris behind me not consenting to my attitude, but also giving me the feeling that it was okay; to relax. Then Big Chris said, "You did a lot of work on this car, didn't you?" And I said, "Yes. I spent 200 hours working on it." Dear man of God, rest in the love he has for you... he sees you and he sees the effort you make to honour him. Know however, that the foundation of his love for you is not what you do... it is in the fact you are his. He is delighted with you!

(I know what you mean about the state of "christianity" I'm not saying God is love and you can do whatever you like and he is just cool with that - ok? God IS love, but - if we say we love God and walk in darkness we don't even know him. I am assuming that you take your walk seriously from the tone of your writing)

I have to go do some "back to school" shopping at the moment, and I don't want to rush in and reply to you any further at the moment... I want to pray and give it some thought. You seriously don't just want my thoughts on your dream :o)

I am hopeful that others here who have the gift of interpretation might jump in and give you what you need before i come back anyway.

I pray that you will exhale and find that the love of God has been surrounding you in your aloneness and that his love is so heartbreakingly beautiful that you will be glad of your aloneness... I pray too, that the connection you feel with God will drive you deeper in connection with his body, in trust and in healthy dependence and in mutual love.

Blessings to you :o)


PS: I can't see your face as you speak and I don't know you at all... so if what I have said makes you go huh!? then please feel free to discard it ok - this is what I felt (strongly) when I read what you wrote :o)

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Don't worry. There is no need to be apologetic towards me at all in any way, shape, or form.

I will wait, like I was told.

Thank you very much for your interest Diane, and I am glad that me being here has stirred up movement in you.

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Hi Tarzanbeta,

I have been praying for you, and for understanding of your dream... please know that whenever I did the interpretation tests, I failed. I am not an interpreter. I will give you what I believe God gave me, but please check it out with others, please pray too okay? :o)

The water and the lava I believe are the Holy Spirit. I believe that you are right about the aloneness aspect in the swimming in the ocean, but also that you are being carried along in this dream by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is spoken of in the bible in both ways, fire and water. (I can share some verses with you if you need them)

In the car scene, It seems probable to me that you needed to see that God sees your work, and I think that he wants you to not be so judgemental towards yourself. But also, about your wife, you said: "I was so hurt and angry that she had lied. So I walked up to her and said, "If you say that again I will take your head off." I felt Big Chris behind me not consenting to my attitude, but also giving me the feeling that it was okay; to relax"

I have highlighted Big Chris being behind you, because I think this is a word play (God likes to do this with me in my dreams) God is behind you... he has your back. He is also pointing out that he doesn't like your attitude... but that part didn't require interpreting, it was plain to you.

The Island is called "the water" and "the water" is the town in the centre of the idyllic Island surrounded by silver linings.... that to me is an invitation to put God in the centre of your life...

As for the bloodless vessels in the roof of your mouth, I did have a thought... but I've just been asking God again, because it isn't nice and I don't want to say it. I know you at all. Please forgive me if I am wrong? Just because it seems to fit or it popped into my mind does not make it from God... test it, reject it, dismiss it if it doesn't ring true in your spirit! That goes for the "nice" bits too... ok?

Here goes:

This is in your mouth... could this perhaps be your words??

It is blood vessels that should be full of blood, but are not... I remembered a part of a verse in the bible the part was: for the life is in the blood

Therefore I think that the vessels are bloodless = lifeless.

Do your words bring life and encouragement???

This is an amazing dream! God is definitely in it and with you!

Blessings to you, I pray that God will surround you, and open your eyes and ears to discern the truth and to understand your own dream in its entirety.



PS: (I can't find the verse about the life being in the blood at the moment. I found this one when I was looking, but it isn't the one I remembered. It is similar, but this one talks about animals: Lev 17: 10-12 For the life of a creature is in the blood)

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I will be getting back to you Diane.

Just know that you're doing just fine.

And you should never be afraid to point out character that should be fixed when you know that you are speaking to someone that loves wisdom.

My words DO need to bring more life and encouragement. Absolutely correct.

I will be back to add further detail.

Thank you very much Diane.

Much love.

PS - the life of the body is indeed in the blood. Just like the life of the spirit is the Water, or the Holy Spirit.

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Just letting you know that I have not forgotten you Diane.

Also, upon further understand and a relinquish of certain biases, I am actually, interestingly enough seeing a certain theme here that I had not seen before.

(Ironically, in my effort to stave off bias, I ended up foregoing a part of the message that is true, thinking that it was bias).

There is definitely an "east meets west" message here.

I direct you to the island within which is the city of Kawai; an island that is reminiscent of its syllabic namesake, Kaua'i, which belongs to Hawaii, which IS the East meets the West, like the ends of a paper folded to meet.

(I have noted, even more interesting to me, that the user "dreamster" is to me reminiscent of the hawaiian attitude; to which I have had little exposure other than recent research.)

As well, the asian looking man on the bike, coming from MY east and never passing farther than in front of me.

As well, and interestingly enough, there is a symbol I have seen. It is a red filled circle, like that on the Japanese flag, with a white five-pointed star in the middle (pointing up). While I generally don't think of abstract symbols as important, this one is persistent.

It is very similar to the Broadway symbol.

What is interesting though is that the "rising sun" symbol with a white five pointed star on top is LIKE an east meets west symbol - seeing as how the white star is a thing of the west and the rising sun is a symbol of the east.

California is a white star on our flag. Japan is the rising sun.

IN between is Hawaii and Polynesia/Oceania.

Generally I would not go to such great lengths to determine dreams... but this one is extremely persistent and very important.

I also believe that dreams are much more simple than what I have been showing. But it is not the case lately. My dreams have been vivid and complex in nature.

For those who think it does not make sense, I will refer you to Revelations. If you think that it is not possible for God to give lengthy and very ...crazy dreams, then maybe you have forgotten that His purpose is not just our daily or weekly life, but our eternity. (this message is for everyone).

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Are you thinking that there is a message about God's people coming together in unity from both the east and the west?

i hope and pray this will be so :o)

If that is what you are saying.... then, in the centre of that - on the paper fold as you called it, is this island with Kawai on it... If that is the water of the Holy Spirit, or living in the presence of God, as I thought it might be.... then I can see it is very significant in this theme you are seeing. Because, I think that unity must be centred on him for it to be true and deep and lasting.

Sooo, is this what you are saying??

Blessings to you Tarzanbeta. :o)

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I really do not know.

It is given to me to be able to understand others, their thoughts, their dreams.

It is not given to me to be able to understand myself; or, more accurately, those things which directly affect me or pass through me.

The reasoning for this is good though - I am from very prideful families and the people in these families do understand themselves very well (maybe not necessarily others, however). If I was to understand myself as much as those in my family do, then I might not have dodged the "arrogance bullet".

And while some have said they see me as somewhat "overly confident", it is not true. What they see, I do not feel.

So... in short...

I don't know.

If I had known, I would not have presented this dream here. :)

But more seems to be revealed to me everyday. So either someone is supposed to help me, or I am supposed to record the progress here.

Either way, it is what it is.

Thank you very, very, very much Diane again for your interest. It is good to not be so alone with these thoughts.


upon reinspecting your message...

The way the words came from you does change my perception a little - but also, only further solidifies yet another aspect that I had previously thought bias, and yet it may not be.

See how I allowed my fear of bias to interfere more than my bias actually interferes?

Maybe this is a lesson we all ought to learn... to doubt is the problem. Doubt is the thing that keeps us from the gifts of the Spirit. And though we say this and know this, we become so afraid to possibly offend God, or Jesus, or to offend the Holy Spirit and claim something that might not have come from them...

Maybe we should be understanding that if we have that fear that we do not want to be against them, then we are already on their side and maybe what we have to say or do IS good to God.

It is those that do not fear the Lord that should not be claiming to have His mind at their disposal.

So then, the fear of bias is worse than to believe that bias is involved - for we hope for things from God; and then when we receive a message from Him that seems to regard that thing, we become afraid to believe that it IS that thing, so we chalk it all up to our hopes and our opinions.

But then maybe we should actually just realize that God DOES in fact love us and DOES want to give us the desires of our heart and HE DOES. And that it is our job simply to accept that for which we have asked!

That being said, this dream seems to further reveal my personal path.

You see, since I was a teenager, I actually became very interested in the Japanese language and culture.

Long story short, it became apparent to me that the Japanese culture would not really accept me very kindly.

However, a possibility that had NEVER entered my mind before has now been revealed because of this dream.

Hawaii does indeed have a large Japanese population.

I see the asian man on the bike as a messenger from the east. I still do not necessarily get what this means, but I am wondering if the city without people is actually a city with people but the people are invisible, i.e. - the internet.


I could keep going.

Bottom line is that after having performed a massive amount of research on Hawaii after the advent of this dream, it seems very reasonable that I should go there.

SOMEHOW - because that seems just entirely impossible at this point.

But one of my favorite things about God is that when the world puts you into an impossible situation, that is the moment that truly defines His presence.

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Wow... :o)

I'm glad that you are figuring it out and that God is obviously speaking to you about your future direction.

I pray Father that you will open the doors to serve you, that you will continue to direct and be present to Tarzanbeta. i ask for clarity and certainty about your words and your plans Lord, and for the peace that always comes when we "just know" that something is from you and we have heard you correctly.

Bless you :o)

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