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MOVING~AGAIN and Back at an old job

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I used to be a nanny/household manager for several years. I worked for many different families over the years, giving me 17 yrs experience (not including the recent years of running my own household). With this particular family, not only did I watch the children and take care of their needs, but I also managed the entire household. This included cleaning the whole house, laundry, grocery shopping etc. They had me managing their budget as well. Pretty much anything that had to do with the kids and the house I was in charge of. Both parents were top executives of their companies, commonly putting in 10-12 hour work days. Their previous nanny was stealing from them, but God used me to restore trust into this family. I had a lot of trust in my hands at this job, and I managed it very well irl. During my time with this family, God also used them to instill confidence in me and my judgement as well. The parents weren't into micro-managing, and helped me not to be so critical of myself. I worked for this family for a total of 3 yrs. We adopted our daughter during this position. When the adoption was final, they allowed me to bring her with me to work. I was pregnant with my second child when I left this job. I found the last few months of this job was very challenging. It was very stressful for me to take good care of my own family and the needs of this family. I did what was expected of me, but it was very challenging for me. I wanted to keep caring for this family with the quality I did before I started bringing my daughter to work with me. The kids were very jealous of my daughter who was 3 at the time. The conflict I felt caused me to add too much pressure on my little one. She needed more of me than I was able to give her while at this job. I really wanted to give my all to my own new family. I gave them many months notice before my departure, giving them plenty of time to find a suitable person to fill my spot. I left this job on very good terms. The timing was perfect, bc God was not giving me the grace or peace anymore to balance all of this. This gave me and my newly adopted daughter some one on one time without the stress of my job conflicting before the baby was born. As I look back, irl I really wish I would have left this job sooner, giving me more special time with my daughter before my son was born.

I dreamed that I was back working for this particular family. There was someone there at their home requiring a payment. I had a checkbook, which had my name on the account in the dream (IRL they had a specific credit card for me to use and petty cash). I was going to cut the check, but then I wanted to clear with my boss that it was ok that I had my name added to the check book/account first. I held off on making the payment. I knew that it would be ok,BUT I wanted HIM to say it was clear first...just to be safe. (IRL a bank wouldn't allow me to add my name to his account without permission...so this part throws me a bit). Once I got the clear, I would cut the check (adding to his trust). This feeling of submission, and waiting to get the clear from my employers was a very common thing for me to feel and do in many situations irl while I was working for many different families. Once I knew their stances on certain things (whether to do with the kids activities, permissions or preferences), I then felt confident that I had the authority to follow through with their wishes. I think this was one of the reasons why the families I worked for trusted me so much...bc I wasnt trying to have my own authority or control of the house, but to carry out the priorities of my employers.

Scene two:
We were moving again. Not sure if this was my home, or my employers home at the time. I was in the kitchen (not a familiar one irl) and I was by myself. No kids, husband, or employers around. It was obvious though, that I was starting to pack too soon. There were some boxes, but instead of using them, I started using big black trashbags to start packing up the kitchen... lol! As I started putting pots and pans into the garbage bags, I realized that I would need these items to cook for the next TWO WEEKS!! I started unpacking the items I would need to use until the move took place.

OK guys, any thoughts?????

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