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Two dreams: Neighbor being forced out of home&Getting $500

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I'm in my house along with some old friends, we're just talking and watching TV.
After an hour passes, friends leave my home while an old child friend comes into our living room.
We want ice cream, my sister doesn't want to go so just my friend and I get in her car. As we open the garage, I hear arguing and bickering coming from my neighbors. Their daughters are dancing, I can tell their enjoying themselves. After they finish dancing, a police officer appraches the mom. The mom replies "I can't get thrown out of my house"
2nd dream
I'm at a mall looking at their designer purses case, I only have $45 in my debit account, but in cash I have about $38. I ask the sales woman for a particular purse, she hands it to me saying "I know it's pretty,but it's just not worth it" the way she says it makes me think she is not talking about the purse.
Now my mother is on ther other side looking at Coach purses while I'm looking at Dooneu&Bourke; I switch sides
And I'm now looking at hats&scarves. A blonde woman takes down a pink scarf from a rack, facing me she says
"Your going to do great things, the Lord told me about you" she handed me a check for $500

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