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A Retail Picnic

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I was driving in Farm and Fleet's parking lot with my brother as a passenger. This is a regional retailer based in Wisconsin, since most of you wouldn't have heard of them. They're also founded in my hometown. Anyway, there was a building that was on their lot but not connected to the main store. It was a service garage for vehicles. I also noticed that it was for sale, and I understood why they wanted to sell it since it was so far out on the lot away from the store. I remember driving really close to the corner of this building, but I didn't hit it.

We got out and walked into this building. It had open walls, much like a pavillion in a park. There was a picnic going on inside for the employees. We arrived when it was nearly over - everyone had already eaten at least once. We didn't work for F&F, but we were there because my aunt did, whom we saw there. In real life, she doesn't work there. Another lady came up to us and told us to go ahead and eat. I pulled my wallet out to pay, and she wouldn't take my money. I said that I felt like I needed to give her something for this, and she insisted that it was ok, especially since the event was nearly over. So, we rummaged through a stack of all kinds of dishes - bowls, cups, lids - and eventually found something that was close enough to a plate. I wasn't sure if the dishes were clean or not, so I wiped mine off. Next thing I know, I'm walking over to the table with the food while I'm carrying a toaster - looking for a place to plug it in? My brother walked up to me with a block of cream cheese in his hand, which he handed to me since he had already used it. From there, I heard music coming from a group of young people that were sitting together at their own table. I recognized the music from a video game that I have. I knew what game they were playing, and I also knew that they weren't as far along as I had gotten. I wasn't going to say anything, though, as they'd get there eventually - and I didn't want to give away any of the story before they reached that point.

Also, at some point in this dream, I was shown a calendar for the month of November. The 1st was on a Wednesday, and Thanksgiving was highlighted within the 3rd week...also on a Wednesday. The day after was also highlighted. This did not make sense to me for two reasons: First, because it was on a Wednesday. Second, because it was in the third week instead of the fourth. The difference in weeks felt much more important in the dream than being off a day.

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