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daycare troubles

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I have recently taken a job at a day care teaching preschool and it has been harder than I ever expected.
Last night I dreamed that I was in a house watching lots of kids.. several men came in (more like young adult men 20’s who wanted to make trouble) The guys would come in one at a time usually while I was in the kitchen trying to put worship music on. In a very threatening way they’d take off their long sleeve shirts roll them up and gesture like they were going to strangle me, while laughing. I’d chase them out or kick and hit them. My manager would show up from time to time.. and down play what I was saying making me sound trivial for complaining about the guys coming in by reminding me to Swiffer the floor like it was no big deal. Another one of the staff told me that those guys were at the daycare at one time. At one point right before I woke up I chased one of the guys out and down the street. On the street there were several other young men and women, trouble makers trying to run into me on the street and taunt me all at the same time.
I would really appreciate your thoughts on this dream.

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