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Hi Mia and team
I had a dream that stayed very vivid for hours after I woke.

I was walking on a large, pristine balcony of a mostly glass building, a hotel. A wave, like a tsunami, crashed over the balcony and the people near me – I found myself crouched over clinging to Matthew while the water churned around us. My feeling was anxiety over him, not myself, and very protective. Suddenly the water was gone and I briefly tried to help people that were lying on the balcony, stunned by the event.
Suddenly I am inside a strange, dark hospital. I see an elevator and go inside. The elevator goes up and down, and sideways. The hospital is so big, and I was trying to get the other side of the building, but I was lost and unsure of how to get there.
Then, it was night time, and I was walking in strange streets. I remember thinking I was in London. I felt like I was in a strange environment, but I was not afraid. I was rather confident. I had a black pen/marker in my hand and was making a line on the ground as I walked. I walked through a restaurant out the back, then followed a path. I don’t know where the path led to, but somewhere I turned around and retraced my steps, still drawing the black line next to me. On the way back I was followed by a man who was encouraging me and thanking me for showing him how to do this. Once through the restaurant again, we stopped outside the front and he gave be a wad of pounds (UK money) and walked away. I stood there wondering why he had given me this tip, and then tried to convert the amount into Rands (ZAR). I worked out 1000 before I woke up

My interpretation:
Based on my emotions and locations during my dream, I feel that this message is a confirmation that the turbulent emotions I feel about a recent situation in our church and the anxiety I feel for the other “less mature” Christians in our church, and the lost feeling that I have felt for them will actually end fruitfully, that the Lord is encouraging me on, and His plan will end in prosperity.
The peaceful tranquillity of the hotel represents our church at this time last year. Then, suddenly, the turbulence hit and we were all shaken up! Most of my anxiety was directed towards other people, particularly new Christians and those I knew were not rooted. That’s the protective motherly feeling I had.
The hospital is a place of healing, but in this case I felt lost – not knowing how to reach a comfortable place.
The night time in my dream reminds me of the verse: “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” God provides enough light that we can see where we are walking, and stay focussed on the path He sets before us. I couldn’t see far beyond myself I was going because He doesn’t want me focussed on the distractions around me, but focussed on Him.
The restaurant is a place of eating and fellowship… a place where we are fed. I walked through the restaurant, into the kitchen and out of the back door, and followed an unknown path, only to come back again the same way – retracing my steps – I don’t believe I realised an error, but rather I helped the man with something, and then he followed me back, encouraging and thanking me. This part I am struggling to interpret. I am also unsure about the black line that I drew.

Can you please help me with this?

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I dreamed another vivid dream last night!
I was standing outside a diner called Roxy's Diner. The name was in lights, but the "Roxy's" was off and "Diner" was shining in red lights. I was approached be a group of men and a woman trying to intimidate me. I don't know what about, but I felt a little fearful and very defiant. Then, I was standing at a door looking accross the street, and I could see the same men sitting drinking in a bar. The woman was beside me. She was in agreement with me.
I turned to enter the door behind me. It looked like a hospital. Again, I was confronted by one of the men. When I stood up to him he backed off as if he was stunned that I would actually do that. I was outraged that he would try to stop me from helping the people in the hospital. On a counter that I passed I saw children's bible story books. The man behind the counter said i can take them and hand them out if I wanted to.
In a room close by, on a hospital bed, was a little girl sick with cancer. She was weak and thin and her head was bald. I sat with her, skeaking to and praying for her. She seemed quite afraid and in pain. I felt much compassion and sadness.
Then I was suddenly in what looked like a dorm room with multiple bunk beds. I rememeber wondering if I was at a church camp. i saw a woman from my church and she told me she also had cancer. She did not specify where, but she didn't look sick.

Could these two dreams be linked??? There are several common themes.

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