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juewls davis 777

Dream of an ex that has recently contacted me again

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Hi, while I am here, I would like to add another dream for interpretation. I had this dream yesterday.

Dream; In the dream I was with my ex, ( whom in real life I do really still love) We were visiting my friends place and there was a party going on. he came with me, but I felt he did not really want to be there. I had this great sense of my happiness of being with him and that we were finally together and a couple. I also sensed and felt he did not feel the same. I then showed him a massive new flat I had just been given. it was very spacious. He tried to be happy for me, but was struggling to be positive about it. He went off some where and seemed really happy when he returned. he had had his whole image altered. he looked like a punk would and I remember saying Oh I want to look like that too. We were both happy at this point. We were trying to find some privacy but could not.

In real life; I was seeing this guy for a while. I really grew to love him. We didn't see each other a lot, but spoke every day. he lived not far from me. I have not seen him for 15 months and have had loads of dreams about him along the way. he messaged me out of the blue not long ago and told me he was going to live in Paris. we spoke and he wanted to meet up again. I did not see him. We speak on line and he messaged me again the other day to ask when I was going to visit him and how much he loved being with me. That he remembered our times together and indicated there was no one else and had been no one else in his life.

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