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Ministry dream

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I had this dream that was very detailed. I am a seer also, and i understand the intimacy of my life with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.)

I would appreciate your input...interpetation.

The Dream:

I was in a lobby of a big Church, waiting outside of an office. Whose i dont know. As i was waiting i said well i guess i will wait outside, its taking long, and as i was going down the hall way, i seen my brother going to the mens restroom, so i signaled him that i would be outside, and i kept walking, as i was going to reach the exit door i seen this hippie looking guy with long rockish looking hair blonde, and he was sitting at a table staring at me, like he knew me and we had eye contact, i kept walking toward the door and then from the side of my eye i see this other man coming up behind me with long dark hair and wearing white, he ushered me with a hand motion to go through the door, but i never saw his face, so i went through the door, and now im walking outside a walkway and i could see the man walking behind me as he is still ushering me in this other room.

When i walked through the other door it was a gigantic place, to the left i seen choir lofts, tables and chairs, three made giant beds, separated..then to the right i seen a giant throne and the man walked over to it and transformed into a Pastor, his long hair turned into short dark hair and he was now wearing a suit, and sitting on this gigantic throne . The throne was white and red. and he pointed to a chair that was on the right of him and i sat down on the chair, he looked at me and smiled and just as he was going to talk to me i woke up. THis dream was not at night it was right after i was praying in the morning, and when the peace of God came over me i fell asleep for a few mins and that is how i got the dream.

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