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Visions of a spider

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I have had 2 visions of a giant spider. They happened far apart. Once i seen it in my bedroom next to where my husband sleeps, the whole wall, it was very big, the size of a baby stroller, and had an eye on its back, and the big web next to it had an eye in every square..like how they catch flies, or store them.

The other vision i seen was where my son sleeps, he is 18. and this time the spider eyes were on the floor and the whole room was full of webs, and where my son sleeps was where the web was..like he was caught.
My son has been battling with addiction..is this a form of witchcraft? Or stonghold? I know its a demon..

Could it represent the demon of drugs?

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Hello, ElderPam -

First, I'd like to provide the link to Mia's page on Spiders, if you haven't already found it. It may be helpful to help you identify what the spider relates to:


Looking at what you shared, it seems safe to say that these aren't about literal spiders since their appearances weren't ordinary.

You said that you had these visions far apart - has a lot of time passed since you had them both?

Looking at the first one, the only thing that stands out to me is the location of the spider. For it to be in your bedroom may mean that it relates to a private, personal matter. It could represent a threat of some type against such an area of your life.

The 2nd vision is most likely what you already feel it relates to: Your son's struggle with an addiction. If he is caught in this web, it goes without saying that he's not free. Therefore, spiritual warfare is still needed for this situation.

Praying for your son,

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