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My Wife's Dreams

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She had two this morning. I asked her to tell me right as she was thinking of talking about them. This is what she said.

She was in a ranch style house (this means that when you open the front door, you can either go up stairs or downstairs immediately from the front door). This house, only in the dream, belonged to my mom and step-dad. She was upstairs in the kitchen, which was past the living room. She was leaning against the sink, which is across from the refrigerator. My mom was leaning against the refrigerator. My mom's husband, Big Chris, was in the dining room and there was a long table there.

My mom was extremely angry and was complaining and griping incessantly. My wife, Kristen, was drinking coffee out of a toy-sized tea-cup (but it was made of porcelain) - this was in her right hand. In her left hand she had something that she could not remember.

As my mom was constantly being angry, finally, my wife snapped. She threw the tiny coffee cup out of her right hand and threw something she could not remember out of her left hand.

Some of the coffee landed on my mom. She lost it.

She started going after Kristen and swinging at her and kicking and flailing about aimlessly. My mom was wearing purple. Though my mom looked the same, Kristen FELT that my mom was actually a little girl.

Kristen defended herself. As my mom kept attacking her, Kristen actually slapped her and said "Stop it!".

My mom kept coming after her. So Kristen grabbed my mom's right arm and her left leg, lifted her up, and put her on the ground. She stayed on top of her and said, "I said Stop it!".

She said that it was as if my mom weighed nothing.

Kristen could feel that Big Chris, my mom's husband, was not happy with Kristen. But at the same time, he did absolutely nothing to try to stop the situation. He simply watched, as if it Should Happen.

Then my mom got up and went away into the bedroom and started crying.

Kristen said she could feel my presence there, but that I was no where to be seen or heard.


Then there was a door in the dining room that went to another room. She went into that room and it was the entry foyer to a "sun room". It was a small room. She could see into the sun room, but in order to get to it, she had to climb the back of a book shelf that was about 4 feet high. The book shelf was black, except the back panel, which was particle board, glue, and screws (like a cheap book shelf). When she finally lifted herself up on top of it, then she proceeded to step down the shelves on the other side of the book shelf to get down.

The shelves were stair-cased. The top was out a step, the next level was out another step, and so-on. There were pictures and picture frames and candles and other things on the book case shelves. ON the top shelf was a picture of me and my wife (a real life picture with the same exact picture frame; it says "love", the frame is in black, it was taller in the dream, but the same picture was a black and white picture of us kissing) and a picture of my mom and Big Chris from their wedding in color, also framed.

When she stepped onto that top shelf, it came crashing down and knocked stuff down all over. The two picture frames broke, along with the glass.

Then it began to rain inside the room.

She looked up and saw me and Big Chris standing on top of the book shelf looking down on her.

She said, "I'm really sorry." And she tried to pick up the glass and preserve the pictures. But the pictures weren't made of gloss paper -- they were made out of printer style paper. They were thin and the water was destroying the pictures.

At this point, Kristen could feel that the entire world outside the house was chaos. There was rioting, looting, yelling, fighting - it was as if the entire world was in complete chaos.

Big Chris said, "I'm not really worried about the pictures. But we try not to break things here because if our stuff looks used or broken, then others might think that what we have is stolen."

There was a door at the back of the sun room to go outside. Kristen walked through the door.


As Kristen walked out the door, she walked onto the front porch of the house that we are currently living in. The street on which we live is "Center Street". She had her boots on and it was very sunny, like the sun room. But now it was snowing.

Though it was snowing, and the snow was higher, the snow was also melting and there was water everywhere.

Kristen walked through the snowy/watery mix down Center Street. Though this walk would not take long in real life, it took forever in the dream.

Then she walked down South Street, which is the same in real life. It's a left off of Center Street. The same - the walk was very long, though it should have been short.

Then she arrived at what is, in real life, South Street Market.

However, this market was no longer South Street Market. It was now a "knickknack" store.

She walked in. Her original purpose was to buy us a couple of energy drinks.

The guy waiting on her behind the counter was the very same guy in real life that works at the shop. He said, "We don't carry drinks and food anymore. But I will buy you a coke." So the man pull lots of change out of his tip jar, which was full of quarters, and put some money into the register. He pulled a coke out of a small refrigerator that was behind the counter and gave it to her for me and her to share.

Then as Kristen was leaving, she bumped into one of the shelves in the store next to the exit. There was a bright orange and yellow candle in a glass jar with a glass top. IT it the ground and the glass shattered.

Kristen said, "I'm so sorry!" The guy behind the counter said, "No, don't worry about it."

That was the end of this dream.

Then the one that directly followed------Remember, these dreams are Kristen's - my wife - Not Mine.
Kristen and I were inside a huge one-level house. It was built almost like the foyer of a Hotel. It was called a "community house". There was a large shared living room and a few bedrooms. IT was well furnished and the lights were dim.

I pulled Kristen aside next to the doorway of a couple of bedrooms and I had a gun in my right hand. She was curious about what I was doing. I told her, "I have to take care of these people. There is a LOT worse thing coming. They need to be put out of their misery."

So I walked into one of the bedrooms. In this one bedroom there was a large wooden crib. Inside the crib was a baby-sized Old Man. The Old Man acted like a baby, and this was basically a baby. But the baby was an old man. I walked over to the Old Man and pet his head and laughed and played with him. Then Kristen watched as I kissed his head and then immediately put the gun to his head where I kissed and pulled the trigger.

It shocked Kristen greatly.

Then I went through each room and there was a woman and another man and some other people. She said all the faces were blurry and there was no recognizable features. But I did the same with all of them.

I played with them. Told Jokes. Laughed. Cried. And loved them. Then I would kiss each of their foreheads and then immediately point the gun at their heads and pull the trigger.

She didn't argue with any of it.

Then we got to a little baby. This baby was really a baby. And I was playing with him and laughing with him and loving him and rubbing his head.

Kristen became very anxious.

She said, "I can't let this happen. I just can't. Can't we please just save him?"

And I said, "Yes. We can save him."

And she said, "Can we adopt him?"

And I said, "Yes, we can adopt him."

So then we adopted him and that baby became our child.

That's the end of this dream.


These are my wife's two dreams from this morning.


I urge you, not for even a second, to think of referring to any symbol dictionary of any kind -- even the one located here.

If the interpretation is to be from God, it will be specifically from God and God only. We do not interpret - the Lord does. We don't know His Truth except that He reveals it to us. We have no greater wisdom than anyone else - except that which He gives us.

Thoughts, opinions, and the like... what if the Spirit speaks through you? And then you will claim it is your opinion?

Everything that we say is what we think. We must think before we speak. It's the natural act. It doesn't have to be reiterated.

Please - freely give what is given to you by the Lord. Have faith; not fear.

For if we are all indeed in the company of the Holy Spirit, then where can we be wrong?

But will not the fruits be tested, whether the tree is planted in a fenced off area somewhere, or amidst the family of trees?

Then what will you do? Supplant that tree and put it with the family after it has been tested?

How much fruit will you take from the tree before you believe it produces no rotten fruit? How long will it take for you to believe?

I see the wisdom in your thinking. But there is a greater wisdom. Testing does not involve separation - it means KEEPING WATCH.

If you have a flock of sheep, and you are the owner of the land and the sheep and you seek to hire a shepherd, do you hire a shepherd and take him to a closed off area and watch him swing his stick at you and practice fighting off invisible wolves? Will you have him chase you, too? Pull you up out of the hole?

Or will you hire the servant and then watch his work and see that it is good; and if it is not, and then you lose sheep, THEN you fire that shepherd and hire a new one. You must apply the work in order for the work to be tested properly.

When you apply for a job, do you think it is reasonable that they make you take a paper test to see how much you know? Or, more accurately, just to see if your personality is really nice?

Or do you think it would be better if they just gave you the chance that you know you deserve because you are the best at what you do and you know what you are doing-- are they not making a mistake to not even witness your work?

Hire the laborer. KEEP WATCH. This is testing - for is that not where we are? Is not this world a test?

So then should we put a test inside a test to determine whether one is even eligible to take the test?

It is like a country that writes new laws everyday because they say it will reduce crime.

Ironically enough, the only thing that more laws create is more crimes -- because more laws are now being broken, firstly; and secondly because one who is minded to disobey all laws is only offered more power because those who do obey the law have been legislated into a corner.

Is this true security?

Are our shepherds to sit in the corner and wait, holding their ankles for fear that if their hands move, they may commit a crime? What kind of shepherd is this?

The work is simple. Bring people to Jesus Christ the Lord. All that will, will come. All that will not, will not. It is that simple. Our day to day events, our daily lives, have little to nothing to do with this mission. Though it is hard to be patient and wait until the time of His arrival, and I understand this completely; should we not put the priority on the actual reality we live in instead of the virtual reality (society) that has been created by man as a bubble -- claiming that this is busy work until the day comes, but in reality, is an attempt to shield society from the Love Or Vengeance of God!

By all means. Have no problem with relaxing some and seeking to give yourself a little life here.

But yearn more for the greater life. I can tell you that all the little things that we pray about are only things to fill the time and little more.

The good news is that even then sometimes the connections that we make on account of these day-to-day events sometimes to provide us the ability to reach out to others.

But, often, when the time arrives, people find themselves a little more preoccupied with their little thing; or worry that they might offend, or be offended.

This vanity is death.

We pray for so much vanity ---- we pray for death.

Let's not be so silly.

Your day-to-day events; yes, you might get answers. Your dreams might be about yesterday, it might be about today - it might be about tomorrow...

How about yourself. How about your personal character. How about true prophecy which is a gift that we are commanded by Paul to pray for? Faith, hope, charity;; indeed, the greatest of these is charity. But, you see, in order to have charity, you need to have faith and you need to have hope. If each of these were separate, then how would it be possible for charity to be greater? For they would only be equal weight in their definition. But the reason charity is greater is because it is made of faith and hope. You must have faith - you must walk on the water! - if you are going to give to someone who needs without judgment, even when you yourself might be suffering. You must have hope - you must know what is to come before it even arrives! - if you are going to GUIDE ANYBODY.

Because charity is to give to the needy and to provide guidance, without discrimination (but with righteous judgment, indeed - meaning, to not be a respecter of persons); so therefore, you must have faith and you must have hope.

But if your dreams are only day-to-day events, and you keep praying for the same things, and you keep meddling with the same...

Where is the faith? Where is the hope? WHERE is the charity?

Love is FIRST pure -- and THEN it is peaceable, gentle, kind, and long-suffering.

Our children reject righteousness because it does not always deal peacefully with them, it does not always deal gently with them, it does not always deal kindly with them, and the long-suffering seems only to be directed at them.

You must see the irony here. God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; these are INDEED Love - and, as well, these are indeed peaceable, gentle, kind, and long-suffering.

But do the devils think such things about them? How many humans think that God is not so loving because they do not have peace, because they are not being treated kindly, because THEY are the ones long-suffering -- all of this is, of course, in their minds.

But then, what of Job?

You see, Love is First Pure. And then it is peaceable, and gentle, and kind, and long-suffering.

The time is coming soon when the message will not be as soft and gentle as it has been.

The time is coming soon when fire, not water, will be used to cleanse.

By no means should we resort to violence -- NO. But we need to start being faithful, and bold, and strong. Not that we should be arrogant, or that we should lack humility. But that we should be SURE of our steps - SURE of our speech - SURE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

It is written that who or whatever should say "Jesus Christ is Lord" that is from the Spirit.

If you want to see the Spirit talking through you, say "Jesus Christ is Lord".

IN fact, be careful to just simply say, "The Lord". For there is one that seeks that title; and there are many lords.

Again I say - if you want the Spirit so speak through you, SAY "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD".

This will strengthen your faith and your words will be more sure and your heart will be more sure and your mind will be more sure; your body, your soul - your gifts will be made more sure.

No more opinions and thoughts. That is nonsense. Let the Holy Spirit work in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Hi Tarzan,

Blessings to you and to your wife :o)

I do have some thoughts on the dreams your wife had... they were coming to me as I was reading. I got to the bottom and read your exhortation and thought "Whoa, I cannot answer that way" and I was going to just not... However, I am here because I want to learn to hear God for myself and to help people with their dreams, and I believe you have given permission for me/us to just give you what I have and allow you to test it for yourself. You have always been gracious to me, even when I have said quite difficult things, so I will give you the thoughts that came to me when I was reading.

I got the impression that your wife needs to [or feels the need to] stand up to your mother, even if her husband doesn't like it. (I would normally ask that as a question if Kristen were posting it... )

I also got the impression that she feels like/or does make mistakes and feels like others look down on her. (this thought came because of the way she worded the part where she is apologising to Big Chris at the bookcase... and normally of course, I would have asked her if there were times she felt that way in real life)

Anyway, that is what I got from the first dream.... and I think I will stop there :)

Blessings, Diane

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Hi Tarzan,

I struggled with what I thought about Kristen's second dream... It seems quite personal and confronting and I felt uncomfortable speaking about it when it wasn't to Kristen and I don't know her at all. I hope that Kristen is ok with her dream being here and I pray that this response will wash over her gently and not harm.

I felt that Kristen's shock at your shooting the people in the dream was a feeling she has at times. I think that at times in real life, she doesn't agree with you and yet she doesn't speak up. I believe that perhaps Kristen doesn't feel she can speak up when she disagrees. In the dream, it takes something meaningful for her, the baby, to draw out her compassion and make her anxious, and get her to speak what she is feeling.

When she does, you see her point and agree with her and it ends well.

I was reluctant to answer in this way, because if what I have said is true, then she will quite likely feel very vulnerable. But then, she shared this dream with you and that is very brave, so she has strength.

It struck me that the baby was the only one who was truly a baby, and was legitimately in need of care and not just behaving like it was a baby when it should be mature.

It struck me that you played with them and were kind and loving and then kissed their foreheads before shooting them in the same spot... the forehead is the place where God marks his people. It is also the frontal lobe area, the place where our personality and our perceptions of who we are reside (I found this out after a dream I had that was particularly disturbing for me /t12203-we-are-not-only-human which involved the forehead) The bit that stood out in this, was the kissing them and then shooting them in the same place, is there a time in real life where something like that happens? When you touch the same place in people, gently and then harshly? I am thinking that this may be with words?? Do you teach people or pastor people perhaps? Immature Christians who should be beyond milk?

Kristen stood back with all of the people until you came to one who was genuinely a baby and she became anxious, she wanted this one to be nurtured and brought into your family.

I'm sorry that i didn't say any of this before, I find it hard to do that online where I can't guarantee that people will read what I say in the tone that I say it... I hope that it helps, I hope that Kristen feels okay after what I have said... (and you too Tarzan) blessings to you :)


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Kristen generally has no problem speaking up towards me about most things - but when it comes to Biblical things, she generally does as you say she does - stays quiet and stays anxious, not understanding fully what is going on.

She loves peace, but sometimes doesn't remember that peace is after purity. "Love is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, etc..."

And everything that you are saying is VERY GOOD WORK!

Thank you for knowing that we are struggling. You were correct in understanding that. But, also, know that we are okay.

My response was deleted before, which is why you thought I had not responded to you. But I did respond. And now again.

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:o) Hi Tarzan, I am glad you are okay :o)

I did read your earlier response before it was deleted... and I went away and prayed some more when I realised that what I had seen was correct... it actually made it harder to say what I felt about the second dream because I felt for Kristen... it is easier to be wrong sometimes!

I thought you had deleted your response... which made me worry about you guys - I'm glad it was a glitch of some kind :o)

Anyway, I prayed and I stayed burdened for you both until I wrote the response... I will keep praying for you both as you work through it, I hope that you are able to listen to one another and come to a place of togetherness on spiritual/biblical issues, as you are in other areas. I pray that it won't become a stumbling block or a wall between you... I pray that the togetherness you find in hearing one another will indeed be as precious as adopting a child and bringing it into your family.



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Oh don't be so easily persuaded. The deletion was not a glitch.

Thank you very much for praying for us! That makes me very happy!

It is good that you felt for Kristen.

(This is making me happy enough that I could just slap the keyboard in joy.)

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Hi Tarzan :o)

I saw your comment about the post... and have seen a couple of your other comments, I hear your frustration.... I want to encourage you to stick with it here, to accept the way it is run and work within the boundaries until the moderators open the gate for you... you are here for help with your dreams, yes? I have found that there are a lot of people here who are really good at interpretation and they freely offer to share what they know...

I imagine it is hard when you come here and are used to operating in the area of dreams... but the experience was very different for me, I came here knowing nothing much, with a bunch of dream dictionaries and a hope that somehow I might be able to begin to make sense of it.

I read what Mia said about seeking God first and went "oops, I shouldn't be posting dreams for interpretation!" She didn't mean that of course, she just wanted to point out that when God is the author of the dream, he is the very best one to go to for the interpretation of it :o) I got that.

Then, when I read that Mia said to be careful when offering interpretations to others, I went overboard and said three times per post that I could be wrong LOL.

I have been helped a lot here, I felt safe here. I do understand most of my dreams now, usually pretty quickly too. I'm beginning to be able to help others with their dreams, but only if I pray... I think for me it is a heart thing too, I can only help at all if it engages my heart and I feel compassion for the person... I think that is a God thing :o)

I enjoyed imagining you slapping your keyboard in joy laugh I believe you have a lot to offer Tarzan, hang around long enough to let people see that and learn to trust you. :o)

Much love, Diane

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