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Being pregnant: Numbers 36&80

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My dream is very bizarre just to warn you: I'm in the Coach outlet (it's a leather-ware company) I see a purse I like, it costs $36 but I just put it back. My mom asks why I put the purse back, I tell her I don't want her spending too much money, that will probably put her over her budget. My mom tells me I received $80 from my job (IRL: I worked at a clothing store for the holiday, But my manager basically didn't give us teens any hours. So I'm not working there right now) I say "OK." I walk over to find my purse, a girl is facing the shelve, I politely ask her to move and instead of moving she throws a purse at me. I move and it doesn't hit me. I'm able to buy my purse, my mother also buys a purse. The dream fast-forwards, I'm in a very upscale house decorated all in the color white and black. I'm on the couch having sex with an actor (From falling skies, if you watch TNT) I ran into the bathroom. I become pregnant instantly, white little doves come out of my mouth and my baby bump disappears
The first part of the dream the room is filled with Gold

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