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Praying over a friend's foot and bones reset

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In my dream I'm at my old dance studio helping with the summer recital. My dance director has broken her foot, when everyone leaves, I ask if I can pray for her. She says yes, I put my hand on her foot; I feel heat immediately going from my hand to her foot. I feel her bones being reset and aligned. She jumps up saying
"Praise God I'm healed!" a few hours pass, my father arrives to pick me up. My dog is in our car, she starts to bark and whine when she sees me. I try to soothe her by petting her,she still won't stop.
My dad sends me into walmart for batteries, on my way in I see someone I know.

I say hi and hug him and give him a light kiss on his cheek. When I break our hug he says
"Didn't you forget something?" I just look at him with a puzzled expression.
He says "You forgot my lips" then he kisses me on the mouth, as soon as this happens I see a bright gold light.
A dove flies over our head, I move away from him saying "I have to go," He says "Don't, God has great things instored for both of us. Just watch and see." His eyes changed from his normal green, to a fiery red.

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