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3 Dreams, Can anyone help me understand/interpret please?

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I had several dreams last night. It was crazy. Thanks be to God for giving me the revelatory dreams. Praise Jesus! I can't remember all the details of the dreams but in the first scene there were was a woman with a husband and a child. They were getting ready to get out of their car and go into a house, the car was on a dirt driveway. I was helping the woman get the baby out from the car seat in the back. I noticed there were two very small cans of tomato sauce. They were not the same brand and they appeared to be closed and were on the baby's lap. When I pick up the baby the two cans come undone. It appeared as though the Lids were opened with a can opener and the sauce got all over me. The woman made some type of sarcastic remark and took the baby out of my hands. I told her that it took me so long to get the baby out because I was been stained with all of this tomato sauce on my clothes. Her husband was still sitting in the drivers seat of the car and the passenger door was open. She made some more sarcastic remarks and said something along the lines of "I'm in control and I'm Lord." In that very instance, it was like a fuse ignited in me and I replied to her in a loud tone "GOD IS LORD!" and her husband repeated the same thing. She starts walking furiously with the baby into the house and I follow after her trying to tell her things of my personal testimony. I tell her "You're getting older and do you want to be like this for the rest of your life? I used to be exactly like you, think of yourself as a plant. If you keep going like this, you will get old, dried up and withered out." She listened but then replied "Well, I'll just be a plant then..." and she walked away. I then proceeded on to another dream.

The next dream was me on some old cement garden style hotels or buildings overlooking the beach and it was a sunny day (almost as if it was Ocean City, MD, but it wasn't the sand was way darker and the water looked darker as well). I was on the roof of the hotel looking to my left and there appeared to be a green circus animal transportation bus of some sort parked parallel to the hotel. And there was a Giraffe with several little children. The Giraffe looked like he was enjoying the water too and sat down and was well behaved. Then an old acquaintance of mine named Roxy (I used to run into her all the time when I went to the night clubs in the D.C. area) and she used to go to Ocean City (OC) a lot during the summer. I went to OC several times as well and the beach is where I feel closely connected to the Lord). Roxy came up to me and we were looking out at the beach and she said "Hey." I replied Hey as well and then this group of young men and women (In their twenty's as well) came around her and were almost like this unwanted attachment to her - all they wanted to do was party. There was a guy who may or may not have been her boyfriend but he had a great interest in her. They took her away with them and I went downstairs to the first floor to look at the beach from this corner right by the stair area. All of a sudden Roxy appears again. Almost as if she just wanted to hang out with me or something. She gets close to me, I guess so that her friends wont see her from around the corner. I ask her "So any other trips planned for the soon?" She says "A few things..." and we stay quiet and just look at the water. Then all of a sudden, the group of friends comes around again and they find her. The guy starts telling me "I knew she was here with you!" For some reason he didn't like me and he made it clear, but he seemed like he had a few drinks. Then I woke up and saw that it was 7:31 am.

I go back into sleep again, I'm in this large building and in a large meeting room. Herson (My husband) is sitting on my left and I'm in the middle and this older gentleman is sitting on my right. There is a speaker on the microphone on stage and he asks us to bow our heads and pray for one another. I place my left hand on Herson's back and my right hand on the gentlemans back and we begin to pray. I finish my prayer and say "I need to use the rest room" and I excuse myself to get up and see the men's restroom and a door next to the men's restroom. I see two young caucasian girls (about my age or a little younger but definitely in their twenty's) and I see them open the wood door. I ask them "Oh, is this the way to the bathroom?" They look at me and say "Uh........" They look at each other as if they didn't know what to tell me. They turn and begin to go down two flights of stairs in a staircase. When I saw them go down I followed, I thought it was odd that the womens restroom was downstairs. The stairwell area was dark grey and cold. They end up at the tail end of a line and I realize there is men and women all dressed in dark clothes, business suits, business casual. I wondered what was going on. It was as if they were waiting to go into a room but the doors were not open yet, everyone was really quiet though. Almost as if it were a secret to be there. That no one knows. Suddenly the doors open an the people enter into the room very quietly but quickly. There is one man leaning against the rail in between two grey pillars in the stairwell. I walk in front of him to see what's in the room and see what appears to be a giant arena with a screen, the screen had letters (I forgot what word it formed) and the background was blue but the words were yellow. I felt as though I wanted to go in and see what it all was about and suddenly I start feeling like "I should get back upstairs, my husband is up there - I don't know what this is." as I'm getting ready to walk up the stairs, I hear this old voice saying to me "Did you walk by me before?" And I turn to look and see this short, chubby, caucausion woman with the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen and white hair. She looks and sounds like a grandmother. However, the womans entire eye is bright blue. No black pupils I realized she was blind, but she knew me. For some reason I felt like she was a witch or did something with dark magic. There were more people beginning to come down the stairs. She begins to ask me the same question again but this time she was sounding agitated and angry because I wasn't responding. "I said to her, I have to leave." I hear her voice getting stronger and more angry asking me the same question and I'm starting to run up the stairs, and realize my scarf fell off. I go back down thinking she is blind she will not see me grabbing my scarf. I pick up my scarf from the stairs and realize that my scarf is blue - a baby blue color. (I have a black scarf that I normally wear in everyday life, I don't have a baby blue one). So I thought that was weird. Nonetheless, I get my scarf and the woman is yelling the same question.....I look down on her and her and begin to say "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!" and her eyes go black immediately. They are no longer bright blue and she can see me. I thought she was blind but she deceived me and I had a hunch she was a witch. After I rebuked her, she starts looking at the people around me coming down the stairs and I think to myself "These people are going to catch me and harm me or something, I have to get out of here." And then I woke up.


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