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Another President Obama dream and taking pics on a sofa

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This is 2nd one I've had in the last few mths, where we were all sitting together, also had others with other people in authority in last few mths.

Last night, I prayed Ps 20 before going to sleep.

Obama and I were sitting next to each other on a sofa, as in he came and sat down next to me. I wasnt like "OMG!!", but more so "Oh its Pres Obama", and then I moved my bag and scarf to make room for him to sit next to me. A call came in, and he answered it, and then ended it, and continued talking to me. Then it occurred to take a pic, so I could quickly send out to folks, I didn't know how to ask him to take pic. He then spotted my camera and said "so what are we going to do with this?"
I said "ok, you'll take a pic?". A lady, seemed like an official photographer, then takes out her big camera, and takes a pic of both of us. I was going to then ask her to take one with mine, was trying to decide between my reg camera which I carry around or phone camera.
He then had an important meeting to attend, so had to leave. I got the photographer lady's email and said I'd get it from her.

Setting: I was dressed up. No one else was on the sofa, and I dont recall seeing any security hovering around either.

My previous Pres Obama dream

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