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Moving/flying fast over a River, Elephants, ankle deep water, snakes.

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Hi guys, had this dream on 7th Feb,

Myself and two others, a man and a child, were moving over a river of water with trees on both sides - at first I thought we were in a helicopter as it felt like we were flying but then realized it wasn't a helicopter, it was a boat, but we were moving fast above the water (flying). The man was at the head of the boat.

I noticed this man was looking through the telescope of a rifle, I was then looking through the telescope of the child's rifle. It felt like we were hunting and these rifles were loaded. I first saw a cat in a tree and thought "thank goodness I didn't shoot it", the child then got excited about a hippo in water. I saw a donkey among the trees, I then saw two Elephants, I got so excited and pointed them out. Then a little like deja vu- both the child and I saw the donkey. I saw the Elephants the second time, they were moving through the foliage in the water, the younger Elephant lifting the foliage with it's trunk, I got excited, pointing at them shouting "look Elephants" but it was as though I wasn't there.

Now the man was leading us through ankle deep water, still in the river but about to go through this green foliage/water grass, some looked like vines in the water. I noticed the man and child were wearing hiking boots but I was bare foot. I then noticed snakes slithering into the river from the foliage in the water, I was really scared and tried to tell the man leading us. There were long thin snakes which were quite camouflaged among the foliage that looked like vines and then I saw a bigger snake, I was seriously worried it was going to wind itself around my leg (it didn't) and then I woke-up.

I have ideas on some of the above but it's the full message that I'm just not getting.

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