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Conspiracy against my husband the president

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There was a conspiracy against my husband who later turned out to be the president of the country. This was by workers under him, or who work with him. For some reason, they thought I was safe and on their side, and I played along, and was able to follow them around and see what they were doing. At the end of the day, I told him everything, and I did it in their presence. lol!

One scene there was a banquet and though I couldn't climb in where they were climbing, because I was preg in the dream (IRL: I am preg), I stuck around and overhead the plans.

I wasnt apprehensive in the dream, seemed like I was on a mission to figure out what they were up to. Initially they appeared to be cool, but in the process of hanging around them, realized the whole conspiracy. We also were never under any physical attack.

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