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Meteorite Hits the Earth! Repost from 4 years ago...

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I came across this old post on the website from a member that had a dream about a meteorite hitting the earth followed by a dream about Russia.....this is interesting, thought that it was worth reposting

Originally Posted: 1/8/2009

I am new to this website as of today. I am boggled because for many years I have had spiritual dreams and I always thought I knew what they meant. Lately I have been having different dreams. In a dream I had a few weeks ago I was looking at the earth from space. There was a section of the earth blotted out--black compared to the rest. In slow motion I saw a meteor heading toward the earth. That was the end of the dream. Months before that I had a dream about stars moving in the sky forming unknown signs. They made all these signs in the sky and then there was a trembling and all of the stars fell from the sky. When this happened I was upset because I thought it was the end of the world and I was in a place I should have not been. Another dream I had was that I was at my grandfather's house and we went next door to his neighbor's house (she was a foreigner in real life) and in the dream I found a Russians hat in the yard where the neighbor had just picked up and moved and left alot of things.When I touched the hat power surged through me. Then I envisioned the russian army marching into a town ready to destroy. When they got in the town it was completely empty-they had no one to fight. The next day to my surprise on the news it said that Russia had attacked Georgia. I was really freaked out because Russia never enters my mind or dreams. Could this be a vision? These kinds of dreams are new to me. I do not understand why the world events? I have even had dreams about the antichrist. The dream showed me how evil the antichrist is going to be. If anybody can explain the purpose of these dreams please let me know. I know that God is showing me things but I do not know why. I am in prayer for direction to what this means. I feel blessed to have found this website and others like me. I have never met another person that has spritual dreams--not even when I was in church..

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