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Stealing a Car

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Please assist me with the following dream:

My mother and I go to the house of one of my old friends. We were very close, but do not have any contact anymore. We take my old friend’s car and drive away with it. The car looks exactly like her car in real life. My mother and I need to be somewhere and therefore take the friend’s car to go there. I was driving the car and the car was struggling a bit as if something was wrong with it.

Later we are in a grocery shop that seems familiar to me. I see this friend (whose car we took) walking into the shop. At first I am uncertain if I want to see her. When we finally bump into each other I tell her that I took her car. She tells me that there is something wrong with the car’s wheels and that it should not be driven at all. That is why she has not been driving it.

Later I sit with this friend in the back of the car and tell her we must quickly go drop off my mother at her house before we go where we want to go.

In the shop she said to my mother, “Don’t worry. This situation is affecting my life also.”

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