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The Officer Asked....Why Aren't You Wearing Your Boots?

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[b][i] Greetings fellow believers, This morning I dreamt of visiting someone's church where I had known a few people I think, but don't remember who they were. Anyway I walked in from the parking lot or somewhere and greeted a few people then headed over to the pews just before the service started. For some reason I was wearing my army uniform but I've been out (In real life) about 3 years now. Also I was wearing black jump boots. Well in the past 8 years the army has been issued tan desert boots and the old blacks are only to be worn in dress blues or greens.

I was wearing the green/grey ACU (Fatigues) and for some reason I was wondering why I had them on but kinda knew in the back of my mind that I was wearing them for a reason but the black leather boots just totally threw me off and felt uncomfortable and out of place. So as I sat down I began to remove the boots slowly and discretely then some other guy who was probably just a few years older than me and whom seemed to be an officer, ( I feel he was probably a captain or major) tapped my shoulder from from the pew behind and asked why was I wearing sneakers and not my boots?

He mentioned another officer and another enlisted man who were also in the church were wearing theirs and that I should be wearing mines also....I didn't get it and was a little bit befuddled but I excused myself from the room and put them on. As I was looking out the door to the street a man whom I didn't know stopped his car and signaled me to look up the street. I stepped outside and looked up the street but did not see anything then looked back towards him and he drove up a bit and pointed again. I looked again then walked towards the corner thinking that there may have been trouble of some kind but I did not see anything. I looked back at him and just stared him down for a few seconds, I started to wonder was he homosexual or something because it was just flat out weird. He turned his head and drove off then I walked back towards the church and then woke up.

Can anyone make sense of this please?

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Hello, Juan -

Do you have any plans to visit someone's church in real life?

To me, the majority of the dream is about feeling uncomfortable and out of place. This may be just how you feel in this situation in real life.

You might feel the need to blend in during this situation. The direction from the officer in the dream, however, is that you shouldn't. Not only that, but you're not the only one there that feels the way that you do.

Finally, the encounter with the man in the car: My thoughts are that this is about a literal encounter with someone that leaves you questioning their sexuality. You'll probably feel the same feelings that you did in the dream about the interaction with this person.


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