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Two Incidents within two days

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Although these were not dreams, can anyone shed some light on these occurrences?

On 2/16/13 – Around 8PM, I had turned all my lights out downstairs accept a dim kitchen light. I went upstairs and sat at my computer checking out Kim Clement’s website and about 8:15PM, I heard four knocks on my front dr. Because I was in my nightgown, I scurried to get my robe and I called out my granddaughter’s name thinking it was her. However, with the dogs barking I could not hear if she was responding (she had just moved out the day before, and I thought she was coming back for some things). When I got downstairs & turned the porch light on and looked out; there was no one there. I turned off the porch light and went back upstairs. I was quite taken back by this. Who would be knocking on my door when all the lights were out accept a dimly lit kitchen light & an upstairs bedroom light where the shade was drawn. I began to pray while watching Kim Clement, and thought I would not turn off my bedroom light when I go to bed.. Finally, later while in bed praying, I felt peace and decided to turn off the light. I was able to sleep fine. I am still puzzled by that occurrence. Who would knock on someone’s dr. when the lights are out?
On 2/18/13 – I was at Raleigh Rehab. visiting my husband. I was sitting with my back to the dr. to his room and had my feet on his bed. I heard someone call out my name “Elly”, I responded with a “yea”. When no one replied, I turned to look toward the dr., but there was no one there. I got up and went to the doorway to see if someone was out in the hall, but no one was in the near vicinity-only a nurse at the other end of the hall.. I had lost my cellphone on 2/15, at Raleigh. Rehab. and the way the voice called out my name (with a tone that would be used when you want to surprise someone—like look what I have for you). I thought someone must have found my cellphone. After the incident on 2//16, & now hearing someone call out my name, I wondering if these incidents could be Visitations.
NOTE: A while back as I was waking up, I saw the words “Jesus is coming to see you.”

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