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[color=blue][u][b]BABY AND A DAMAGED CAR DREAM...INTERPRETATION NEEDED[/b][/u][/color]

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Hi every one. I'm new to this forum and giving it a try

I do have some dreams and at times, I can barely understand them

Most recent, I saw a little baby girl about a year old. She climbed into this damaged car I was sitting in at the back sit. Two front doors of the car gone! And some tyres removed. This car was in a very bad state and I was there, sitting at the back when this baby girl climbed in quitely
Without looking at me/talking to me, baby went for the IGNITION, and sort of turned it to off position. There was no key attached but she was able to turn it 90 DEGREES ANTI CLOCKWISE - 12 TO 9 position
Then she climbed out, started walking away towards a house just in front of the car. A few steps away, she turned, looked at me and said something I could not understand. It was in two syllables D..D.../B...B..., I didnt understand
Then she continued walking, climed a pavement then into the house. A woman was waiting for her, saying where's my baby. When the woman saw her, she carried this baby girl and went into a room. END OF DREAM

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First of all, welcome to the site!! If you are looking to better understand your dreams, you are def in the right place! This site has given me so much understanding of my dreams, beyond anything I could ever have imagined. We are so glad you are here!!!

Here are a couple links to help you better understand your dreams. Babies, and cars are very common themes. Another thing to really pay attention to is your feelings in the dream. Sometimes your feelings in a dream can correlate with similar feelings that may be (or will very soon in the future will be) going on in your waking life.

Link on cars: /t8466-common-themes-baby

Link on babies: /t8468-common-themes-cars

Hope this helps!! Bless you!!

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