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A Series of Dreams and Visions

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Hello everyone!

These dreams and visions center around one person, I think I understand bits and pieces but have struggled to understand the full context. I have had so many visions and dreams about this person. Sorry that this is so long.

Dream #1

I am working outside on fixing up my house (not my natural house that I live in now). It is a cute little blue house set in a wooded area. There is an amazing sense of peace. There are a bunch of people there also helping fix my house up. We are all moving about happily. The only person that I recognize is my dad. He is painting an outer building on the property which is adjacent to the house. I am working on the detached garage. Then Pat shows up and is standing there with a huge grin on his face. He is looking at the house and is amazed and happy and grinning form ear to ear. When Pat shows up my dad disappears. When I notice Pat in the dream, I think to myself, 'what is Pat doing here?', and I hide behind a post in the garage and watch him.

--- End of the dream. ----

Dream #2

I was running wild through a house (my house - but not my natural house). I was partying. (Which is something I do not do.) There were a bunch of other wild people there too. I was destroying precious things in the house and the other people were helping me. (I think that is self explanatory - I have been dealing heavily with my self destructive spirit and I have cut out a ton of people from my life in the last two years that were no good for me. I now only have two real friends and a few acquaintances that are Christian.) All of the sudden I could sense Pats presence and I became embarrassed. I realized what I was doing was wrong. I stopped and started to tell the other people who had bee riotous with me to stop destroying the precious items. Before I could make them stop the floor suddenly disappeared underneath me. I didn't feel danger, I felt surprise. I fell through the house and through the earth. Before I hit the ground I said, "Oh my God, I am being audited." I landed on my feet. I found the front door of my house again. When I got into my house (again, not my natural home) there were a bunch of dogs and cats in the living room. The cats and dogs were kind of in a fray (not really fighting) they acted more like they were chasing a ball but it was still not appropriate in door behavior. I started toward them to break up the fray and chide them. I wasn't mad just a bit exasperated with their behavior (more like scolding a bunch of hyper kids)- again before I could get to the cats and dogs - Pat was there behind me watching. I again felt embarrassed.

The dogs and cats disappeared and I was standing in the foyer of the house with Pat but there were no other lights on in the house except a very dim light shining somewhere above. I felt complete and total shame. I could not look at Pat He looked at me and said, "my gal was pretty significantly injured"

Me: "yeah it's pretty rough out there"
Pat: "she will be getting more money soon" (In my mind I saw a figure of $2000 a month double to $4000 a month)
Me: "thats good"
Pat: "we need to get her on a budget"

--- End of the dream. ----


I saw Pat sitting in an airport. He was somewhat nervous. He had a suitcase. For some reason the detail that stood out the most to me was the sweater he was wearing. The sweater was very nice and it was think and it was made of natural cotton, not dyed or synthetic.

--- End of the vision. ----

Thank you and God Bless. Very Happy

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