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Grocery Store Confrontation

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I actually asked God to show me something from the next day before I went to sleep last night. This is the only dream that I had. If this is actually about today, I won't be present to play the role that I did in the dream:

In this dream, I was walking through a busy grocery store with my mother. We were going about our normal grocery shopping routine. One person stood out in the crowd, however: A young mother with her toddler. In the dream, it was obvious that this mother was a drug addict, and she was even under the influence while she was out with her child. She shambled somewhat disruptively through the store, often times causing the child to fall on the floor. No one did anything, and my mother and I murmured to each other about the child's safety. One incident stands out with this woman: She had been carrying a large, old boombox, and she handed it to the child to carry - which was obviously too large. Watching this woman's behavior just left me shaking my head.

I looked across the store and pointed out someone that I know in real life. Last I knew, this guy was still struggling with a drug problem in real life. I pointed him out to my mother, and this action seemed to be to reinforce that the lady we had been witnessing was also a drug addict.

As we moved on to another part of the store, another customer came by us and started a bit of trouble. The woman was making comments that were character attacks...basically, that we were horrible people to think these things about that mother. Originally, we were surprised that no one else seemed to care - especially considering the child's safety was concerned. We were even more surprised that someone was defending this lady! I tried to explained to the woman what was wrong with what we saw, and I did so very calmly and reasonably. My mother was a bit more emotional in her response, but it was still quite mild.

Immediately after this incident, my mother found something on the ground. I'm pretty sure it was a credit card. Whatever it actually was in the dream, my mother had picked it up with the intention of leaving it with the Lost and Found if we didn't find the owner before we left. I even pointed to this act in my conversation with the troublemaking customer as futher proof that we were not the bad people that she wanted to think that we were.

There was a little more to this dream, but I think that this is the most important. Most Saturdays, I do actually run errands with my mother. However, this isn't going to be the case today as I have a sick niece to watch. If anything please pray for my mother as she's out and about on her own.

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