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new to forum, need dream interpreted

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I was at a resort restaurant of some sort. I was eating with someone, but I don't remember who or how many people. I do remember that our waitress was really good and I was impressed with her a great deal. The carpet in the restaurant was like a huge map & each section of the restaurant represented a different part of the world. The section where I was seated overlooked a body of water. I'm not sure if it was a lake or ocean, but I lean more toward it being an ocean (it had the "feel"). At some point during the meal I took off my bra for some reason & I laid it down on the table. The meal was almost over and I noticed that our waitress had stopped coming to check on us. I was disappointed because I wanted to thank her for being so attentive.
The next thing I remember is being in a lobby full of people. I think I had gone to the front desk because I had left the restaurant without my bra & I wanted to see if anyone had turned it in. Of course I felt a bit embarrassed about it. While in the lobby I noticed a black baby boy (I'm white). He was big enough to walk, but definitely too small to be unattended. He was looking outside & I could tell he would go out the door the moment he had the chance. I picked him up & was trying to ask him questions about his parents. I looked around & saw a man who I thought might be his dad, but I couldn't get the man's attention. He didn't act like a man looking for a baby, anyway. No one else seemed to notice or care that this boy had been left by himself. I took the boy to an area where I was staying. It wasn't a hotel room, but more like a tent or a canopied space. I set him down and told him not to leave. Even though the lobby was full of people & the people at the desk looked busy, I managed to get up to one of the ladies at the desk to ask about my bra. The lady looked familiar to me. It took me a few minutes to realize it was the same lady who had waited our table. She looked very tired. I admired her even more because I saw what a hard worker she was, having to work two jobs. I told her: "This is embarrassing, but I left my bra on my table & I was wondering if anyone turned it in." She replied something, but I don't remember what it was. Then another woman came up with a baby carrier. It was a back-pack style that you wear. She said something to the effect of "No one else needs this right now." I thanked her for being so thoughtful. I assume she brought it for me to use for the baby boy even though I had not told anyone about him.
Then I awoke.
I share this dream because it's not the first one I've had with a black baby. I've had at least three other dreams that I remember. I initially thought that it was God telling me that it is with today's youth that He will be using to bring about spiritual awakenings. I just wanted to see if anyone else had a different take on it. Thank you.

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