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Sand in the bathroom

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in my dream, there was a meeting of people outside the room and it seemed like an event, or conference or something was taking place.

There was a bathroom, that shared a wall with the main room. It had a window, too.

I walked into the bathroom [small room, all white, with a toilet and tile floor, there was a drain on the floor of the bathroom & the window faced the meeting room). There was a huge pile of sand on the floor. The sand was a little spread out, and had a few colors mixed in. I was frustrated.

I asked someone who put the sand there and why it was there. No one seemed to realize it was a problem except for me. People kept trying to reassure me it was fine and the sand was in the bathroom for a reason (but no one told me why). It turned out that every bathroom in the meeting place had sand in it. They were storing it there, but again no one told me why.

I got increasingly upset as people kept evading my questions, never really believing me that sand was a problem or that it shouldn't be there. I finally said "do you realize this isn't ok?" and proceeded to explain that sand was messy, got everywhere and in everything and it shouldn't have been in the bathroom. People kept doubting me, and asked why I knew this. I remember explaining that because I grew up in FL by the beach I knew how annoying sand could be.

There was more conversation (that I can't remember) and everyone trying to explain why the sand was there couldn't really give me a reason. Finally they agreed to clean it up.

- the feeling that the sand was bad was very strong. It felt obvious to me and it was more of a conviction to me than it seemed to be to anyone else
- i knew the people around me who were trying to tell me it was fine. They were familiar and seemed to be leading whatever was happening in the main room.
- the sand was normal colored, but had a bit of colors mixed in. the only one that i remember is pink.
- i was frustrated and confused that no one else understood the sand was wrong, or seemed concerned, but it was very clear to me.

Any thoughts? I have tried to look up a pile of sand, and haven't had much come up for what it could symbolize. What I have found is very contradicting.

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