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Re Dream about tornado hitting our house!

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First, I want to say that I wouldn't even had recognized that this dream was manifesting if I hadn't been reading this website! So, THANK YOU, Mia, for creating this site and for all of you who work and pour into the body of Christ in this way!! It's such a blessing beyond words!! :hooray:

One thing that was a huge mystery to me in the dream (I copied it below) was all the water around the base of our house and how the tornado looked like it was basically trying to blow the water out from under it. It looked like what snow does when you're using a snow blower to remove it. It's funny, because I noticed the water, but I didn't think it was very significant and it ended up being the focus of the dream!! As you'll see in a minute, its also crazy that I even thought of a snow blower in relation to the dream. Please feel free to let me know anything that I don't see or any other insight you might have!

So here's what happened.

Thursday, Feb 21st - Had the dream and immediately cried out in prayer and asked God to divert and thwart the attack that the enemy had planned against us and especially on the foundations of our family/house.

Saturday, Feb 23rd - I came home from running errands to find a WATER shutoff notice saying our water would be turned off on Monday if we didn't pay it.

Sunday, Feb 24th - Husband, sons and our friend (mentioned in the dream) left for the midwest to get our belongings out of storage (headed right into the major snow storm there, btw, and had to shovel snow for 2-3 hours to even get to the door of our storage unit). My daughter and I stayed (west) at home and at night while we slept, I actually barricaded the bedroom door with furniture so I wouldn't be afraid lol!
[I didn't mention it, but in the dream when I was in the house, when I looked out the window I saw a storage shed and a couple vehicles and some guys doing something.]

Monday, Feb 25th - Tried to pay on the water bill, but it was after hours and automated system didn't work. (WATER STILL ON!)

Tuesday, Feb 26th - Was busy and forgot about water bill and didn't remember till after hours (again)! (WATER STILL ON!)

Wednesday, Feb 27th - (WATER STILL ON!) Called water company first thing and told the woman what was going on and she said, "Your water's still on?!?" I said "yes" and she seemed confused and checked and couldn't find an order AT ALL to turn it off. I told her we could only pay $100 and she said we would have to pay $360 to keep it on (which we don't have right now). So I told her I would have to call my husband and call her back. My husband tells me we don't have that much, I call the water company back. Another woman answers this time and says she understands and says she can take the $100, but then when she tries to take my payment, the system is down and she said to try back in an hour. I did, system still down, WATER STILL ON. I got busy and forgot to call again.

Thursday, Feb 28th - (WATER STILL ON!) Called the water company and woman asked if I still had water and seemed perplexed when I said yes. Made my payment with no problem. :hooray:

DREAM, February 21st
This afternoon, I took a short nap and had this dream. My kids and I were in our house and had gotten back after having been gone somewhere for a time (I thought it was days). I got on my computer and somehow on my computer screen, there was a video of our house when we were gone that was playing on the screen. It looked quiet because we weren't there and then, all of a sudden, a greenish tornado just comes rising up out of nowhere and it was strange because it was like under the house and it kind of looked like the house was surrounded by some water. The tornado wasn't spinning like a normal tornado, but was like coming up and out from under the house and throwing water up from under the foundation. I got such an evil feeling looking at it, I couldn't keep watching. It was SO eery watching that and knowing it had happened to our house while we weren't there. After I got done watching it, I remember just being in the house and a friend of ours (that is currently in our lives, a young man who is interested in our daughter and she with him) came in the house for a short time and then left. In the days following, several times a woman brought a green form for me to fill out and it was actually more like a test for my oldest son to take. I didn't feel scared and she didn't seem very organized at first, but seemed to be a bit weary of having to keep coming and asking me so many times because I didn't have it done. She never came in, only came to the door. End of dream.
The crazy part is that we are supposed to be out of town this next week.
Actually, I just remembered a couple more details. When I was in the front room of the house, I was looking out the window at the front yard and there was something going on out there that was intriguing, but I don't remember what it was. I also noticed that the couch was in front of the front door, as if to block it. Also, the green papers that the lady brought were the same color green as the tornado, which was a lighter, slightly muted color green.
I think the Lord just gave me part of the interpretation, so gonna give it and see if anyone sees it too. So today, I received more insight about the video being taken when we were gone and I thought about how it was like a hidden "security" camera! I immediately thought of Psalm 91, which I pray all the time over my family. Then, it didn't happen when we were there, it was when we were gone, so we were safe!!! In the rest of the dream, the lady didn't seem very forceful at all, like almost a little scattered also. Anyway, just adding some thoughts, if anyone gets anything else, let me know. Bless you!

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