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dream of kissing someone know

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i think i traveled by train to Chicago. i was with church people i know of, but not close to yet. It was 2 african women i know. first one i was surprised to see visit from Liberia. she had a wedding ring on, and we were in a pure white bedroom together. she was standing and i was laying on the white bed. it was innocent yet she said theres african spiders in room. i then had some fear as i looked all around for the spiders yet i never saw any of them. she is suppose to be single in real life. Her mom told me she is single and should get to know her. So then the other african lady comes in the room and says the other one is taken. Then i said with some shyness that i like her which is partially true in real life. Then all of a sudden she approached me and kissed me. At that time i wasnt thinking of spiders. The fear left and it was a pure kiss. it felt good. l

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