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September 11

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I had this dream on the night of September 11, 2011

I saw my ex Pastor and other people in a table with George W. Bush; he was speaking perfect Portuguese (I am a native portuguese speaker). I made a comment to him about how good his Portuguese was, and called him Mr. President (someone also made a comment about how he was a foreign language major in college).

I then was with a royal woman in a private chamber; she was older, but yet very elegant and beautiful (with fair skin and bright colored eyes). I at first believed her to be the queen, but she then corrected me that she wasn’t; I asked her then what she wanted me to call her, and she said “my Lord”, which I immediately preceded in calling her. At some point in the midst of this I receive a phone call from Joel (an acquaintance) ; I felt as if he was a distraction and tried to get him off the phone; though he insisted in me meeting him somewhere. I told him I could not since I was busy with government dignitaries; he talked to me about the favor of the Lord, as I brushed him off and hung up the phone. I then lay down in bed with this woman, and I sleep (had sex) with her. (Very vivid dream)

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