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So this dream may be a confirmation of a dream I had earlier and I am still praying about this one. Lets begin: I was in an unfamiliar territory, I had no clue as to where i was, but i remember standing on a hill, a fairly large hill at that, and i was overlooking a forest and just past this forest were some buildings. Before I move on, I was not standing on this hill alone, i was with and older gentleman, wearing business casual clothing, he had white hair and beard. He was calm and seemingly confident, and i didnt know him either. But me and him were overlooking a small forest and small city, and all I can tell from what I cnan see was that these buildings were advanced, like what you might expect in a science building or maybe a government building and that is what it felt like I was looking at. I didnt know the exact time of when I was standing there but it seemed like later afternoon and it was a pretty cloudy day. But as i looked at the forest and those buildings ahead of me I saw tornados starting to form, there must have been 4 maybe 5 tornados and they were spawing right where the buildings were. One of the tornados was really dark and skinny while the others were lighter. I was of course scared, but the gentleman was still calm and his hands were behind his back while he was watching, and there was something about these tornados, like i knew them, like i knew what they were doing, and it definetly felt like they werent coming after me. Meanwhile me and the gentleman turned our heads down the hill and to the left and there was a bear running at us. I was scared that it was going to kill me and the older gentlmen just kinda switched sides with me but he still didnt seem afraid, and as the bear was still running at us, a mountain lion ran out of the woods and attacked the bear and to my surprise the mountain lion killed the bear. The mountain lion proceeded to run back in the forest afterwards, and as we looked back towards the tornados, they were gone and the buildings looked decimated as well as some of the forest, but then the weather changed and it was sunny again. Thats the dream. Thanks for any input :)

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