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Pregnancy lost

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I had a disturbing dream today.
was at a get together at someone's home having fun. A woman walked in and I saw her from a distance. Eventually she passed by the group of us that had just watched ourselves on television. She did not speak to anyone but just walked by and into the restroom. Before she walked into the restroom she stumbled. I thought that she could have been drunk. She had on a light blue long dress with a light mocha colored coat on. Her hair was in a bob type style a little pass her ears with bangs. The color of the hair was a light strawberry blonde. Someone else was already in the bathroom but she stayed in there anyway. I noticed that both of her shoes were too big for her. The door was not closed all the way and she lifted her dress all the way up to fix I'm not sure what. She came out of the restroom and was speaking to someone about her and her boyfriend going to get the ultrasound done and she was talking about her pregnancy. At that time she was sitting to my left on the stairs. As she was talking about her pregnancy I got up and left and someone else said that they didn't want to hear all of that. I hadn't grabbed all of my things but I did have my phone. I was going to call my a good friend of mine but I didn't, and I heard "She's not going to have the baby she's going to lose the baby/it."
Thank you for any help with this disturbing dream

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