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cleaning Drs office and flowers

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I Dreamt last night that I went to the drs and when we sat at his desk we saw that the cleaner hadnt cleaned properly the night before so I started tidying up his desk, there were toys on the desk and under it so I got under the desk to tidy there as well and put the toys back in their containers, found rubbish from fast food as well to put into the rubbish bin. the dr, the receptionist and I were all complaining about the shocking job and attitude the cleaner had as we cleaned up the office. We noticed it was MOnday so she had come on the Sunday night knowing it had been dirty all weekend and still hadnt done a good job.
After I had cleaned the toilet and went to leave, someone (i think it was the receptionist) gave me some flowers in a yellow odd shaped vase wiht a yellow ribbon around it and said to give it to (cannot remember the name of person) because it was their birthday. As I crossed the street with the flowers I saw another person going to the same place as me and they had flowers in a vase as well. Her flowers were pink and we began running to get there on time, as we did we noticed the flowers were dying because of the wind and because we were running, we saw more flowers on the way in the trees and contemplated replacing the old ones but it didnt seem proper, we had to give the flowers that were given originally. We continued to run to get there on time and I cannot remember the rest of the dream

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