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Blowing up a building and crashing cars!

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I was in a tower of a building full of people, kids and adults...100's of them. I was with a group of unfamiliar men that were going to blow up the building from the top down. I watched as they brought up huge explosive packs on the elevator. I was feeling uncomfortable, but followed along. They said we would gather in the highest part of the tower, so when it blew up that piece would fall to the ground and we would be unhurt. It happened just like that, and I remember looking back at the destroyed building many times, saying to myself and knowing I had just killed all the people...esp. the children and feeling very sad. I do remember that they were planning on doing it again somewhere else. /// Then I was in a different place..I was with a man I did not know with a cane. We were in a car dealership parking lot. This guy gets into different cars and as I watched, he just starts ramming a bunch of cars in the parking lot for about 10 mins....My feeling throughout was "what am I doing here?." A salesman came out, ignorant of what just happened in the other end of the lot, and asked if he could help us. I said, "No, my friend here is just crazy" and we walked away off the parking lot. The man I was with never spoke or made a sound. END.

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