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Familiar Houses,,,Unfamiliar People

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This is like the third time I have dreamed of these beautiful homes that are next to each other. They were all on a beautiful waters edge of a lake, kind of like a canal off of a lake. They were really beautiful homes, and they have a familiar feel to me, perhaps bc I have dreamed of them. But I get a feeling, as I have in the other dreams, that an old family I used to work as a nanny for might live here now. I always get this feel when I dream of these three houses on the lake. IRL they used to live on a diff lake, and I know they have moved into their dream home on a diff lake. I could be totally off about this part, but Im curious why I keep dreaming of these three beautiful houses. IRL her children are all grown, except for her one son, who is about to graduate this year or next (I started watching her kids when this little one was a newborn).

In this dream, there were these adults lounging in patio furniture chairs, outside. These two kids come up to me and ask me if I would take them home. They seem about the age of 6 yrs old. I feel like the one child (the girl) belongs to me, and the other child Im watching over for someone else. As I go to take them back to the little boys' home, his mom who is loungning says to me...I need my key. I was like, 'O, sorry...ok, heres your key...is the house unlocked?' She says, 'Yes." The wierdest part of the dream, is that looking back...I didn't know which parent was this little boys mom, until she asked for her key. In the dream though, it didn't seem strange, and shw was comfortable with me watching over her son. As we go into this boys home, there is a lot of activity going on in the house while the mom is lounging outside a few houses down. There are other children in the home too...they seem a little older than this boy, but not much. The other children in the home seem about ages 10-12. In the dream, me and my girl, and this little boy, started doing the dancing game on the wii.

end of dream.

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