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dream about obama

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Please help interpret this dream, i have been praying to God to reveal what it meant.

MY husband said God wants me to intercede for obama and for the American Nation. and I also have a job to do?

I was having a nice time with Obama and his family, from no where an old looking man, who looked like a very important man, wanted to speak too Obama urgently, so they tried to excuse themselves, so I interrupted them as they were trying to leave and told obama that I had a message for him from God.

Obama was happy to hear what I wanted to say, so the three of us started to walk down a road, whilst we were walking , we walked through a church, people were gathered in the church singing and praising God, we came out of the church and walked past groups of people hanging around, then we walked past an army barracks, but the soldiers kept on looking at obama like he looked familiar but they could say if it was him, when we got to a certain place/point we decided to turn back, throughout this time, I never told him my message and that Old man had disappeared.

So as we were walking back through the same route we just passed by, people started running, and something that looked like black bats or birds were chasing us, so we ran through the church , ran keep on running in the church until we found a safe room in the church.

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