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Visiting an Aunt's House with Cousin and Cats

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Hi Friends -- This dream has me puzzled. I believe this dream is not about my actual cousin and possibly about a prayer group I attended and it was just a little off in ministry time that I was not invitational to. In other words, I didn't go there for ministry help, but was just making a departure from the group and I'd explained to these nice ladies that the reason I was leaving had nothing to do with anything about them.

Here's the dream --

I was entering the garage of my aunt and uncle's home in Rush City. Everything looked just as it did back in the day when I spent much time there and my summers there with a cousin I was very close with, like a sister. I tried to close the garage doors behind me. The garage doors were strange and not like ordinary garage doors where you pull down, but these had big flaps that slid across, maybe 3 of them. I slid them all closed. As I was walking to the house door inside garage, I saw the wind blow open the doors and my cousin Jimmy riding on a small motorcycle roaring up the driveway. I entered the house and shut the door behind me, not giving it any more thought.

The intent in the dream was that I was visiting this house for a while. Inside the house is the kitchen. I'm thinking to myself I didn't want anyone in this house to see the difficulty I was having walking. My cousin Joni calls to me almost like she isn't expecting me. She says to not mind the bad odor in the kitchen. I really couldn't smell much of anything. I saw her then in the den area walking into the living quarters telling me to watch out for the cats. She said she was also watching her sister Jeanne's cats for her. I saw them all climbing out of boxes in the messy den and following after cousin. I believe I said it looks like you each have 6 cats. Cousin never did come out to greet me but went the other direction.

Dream ends.

A little background -- I ran into significant trouble with this cousin about the time I was filled with the HOly Spirit back when I was young. The cousin shockingly dumped our relationship completely, keeping no contact over the years. So I am always cautious when I see this particular cousin in dreams, see her as betrayal and a big OH-OH in my dreams. Cousin Jimmy was a troublemaker in his youth but I had no trouble with either of the girls and Jeanne still remains an especially cheerful and nice cousin.

I was honestly curious if the dream was pertaining to something within me or was just a post-symbolic message of what I had just brushed with in waking life. Appreciate any input! Rose

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