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[b]Suddenly PREGNANT, Suddenly GIVING BIRTH !![/b]

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OK, LORD, I'm paying attention!! Another dream about babies. I was in a room talking with my brother. He left the room to go to the basement of this house. I was just standing there when I began having cramps/pain and discovered I was not only PREGNANT but about to GIVE BIRTH! I said, "Oh, my goodness, my brother's the only one here, he's going to have to help me. I yelled out to him several times to come up from the basement. I scooted onto a bed and said "I can feel the head!" I was trying my best to quickly cover myself with the blanket so my brother would not see too much of the "private parts" :) but I also knew there wasn't much I could do to prevent this because the baby was definitely ready to come out. I also noticed the blanket was the same one I have on my bed right now.

Based on this and my previous posts about babies, I'm clear that God is talking. I just want to be ready for what's next. Please feel free to pray with me. I'm certain there will be a manifestation soon. Thanks!

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